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What's your favourite cheese ?

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WorzselMummage Fri 01-Jan-10 13:36:43

I spent almost 30 years thinking I didn't like cheese and have realized over the last year that that isn't true at all I just don't like chedder.

I'm gutted since discovering sheeps cheese that I've been missing out for so long !

What's your favourite ?

TrinityReindeer Fri 01-Jan-10 13:37:27

danish blue

foxinsocks Fri 01-Jan-10 13:40:54

oh don't start me on cheese, there's barely one I won't eat

I can't stand cheese with fruit bits added in <wince> and hate goats cheese but I guess in order of preference (top 5)

Danish blue

thesecondcoming Fri 01-Jan-10 13:42:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Heqet Fri 01-Jan-10 13:42:40

Oh cheddar is rubbish. Rubbery and tasteless.

mmm, I love that one, tr. (How are you doing today btw?)

I bought some cheeses for christmas that were rather tasty - white stilton with blueberry, wensleydale with cranberry and stilton with apricot and amaretto. They were all lovely!

I quite like brie.

goats cheese is nice too.

I especially like cheese that smells like feet grin

I just love cheese blush

WorzselMummage Fri 01-Jan-10 13:43:16

I tried a blue cheese over christmas and found it really unpleasant. I do like brie and Camembert though

LetThereBeRock Fri 01-Jan-10 15:38:20

I can't choose one.

Red Leicester

I detest parmesan,the majority of goat cheeses and blue cheeses but love just about everything else.

Fruit in cheese is so wrong.

I recently saw a sticky toffee pudding cheese which sounds vile.hmm

SevenSaltiresSwimming Fri 01-Jan-10 15:49:29

I love cheese - even a good cheedar, as long as it is very mature
danish Blue
Cambozola and
Brie are my faves though

WorzselMummage Fri 01-Jan-10 15:50:48

We saw the sticky toffee cheese last week. It looked like a shrink wrapped turd. Yum.

JaneiteIsTrite Fri 01-Jan-10 15:51:35

Cornish Cruncher - so sharp it cuts the roof of your mouth, or feels like it should anyway. To be eaten with Garners or homemade pickled onions or a rock hard conference pear plus soda bread.

JaneiteIsTrite Fri 01-Jan-10 15:52:13

Shaved parmesan is lovely too, with rocket and balsamic vinegar.

deaddei Fri 01-Jan-10 15:57:27

Love it.

sockmonkey Fri 01-Jan-10 15:59:08

Worzsel - We bought some of that as I was very curious. Didn't really even taste of cheese at all, quite like eating fudge with a slight cheese after-taste.
I like cheese with fruit in - wensleydale & cranberry is yum.

MummyDragon Fri 01-Jan-10 16:04:16

Comte (with an accent over the e)
Cathedral City mature cheddar
Wensleydale - with and without added cranberries, apologies to the no-fruit bridage!
Applewood smoked cheddar

Yum, have a huge urge to rush to fridge and compile huge plate of cheese & grapes smile

ljhooray Fri 01-Jan-10 16:05:49

Goats for sure - puff pastry, slowly caramelised red onions, a load of goats cheese on top and stick it in the oven! (door slams as off to get some red onions...)

WorzselMummage Fri 01-Jan-10 16:10:19

Ooo yes I love goats cheese too I'll try the puff pastry thing !

RumourOfAHurricane Fri 01-Jan-10 16:18:31

Message withdrawn

SazzlesOnASled Fri 01-Jan-10 16:23:31

LOL at FoxinSocks, i love all cheese bar goats cheese <boak>

For those of you thinking cheddar is rubbery and dull, try Montgomery's cheddar. It is divine

favourites are:
Single Gloucester
Double Gloucester
St Aubray
Shaved parmesan

I love cheese so much we had a 'Cheese cake' for our wedding - 5 tiers of pure cheese [bloody lovely]

SecretSantasNinjaChipmunk Fri 01-Jan-10 16:25:41

i love cheese (emoticon for dribbling like homer simpson), esp m&s cornish cruncher with balsamic onion, a good room temp mozzarella with some beefsteak toms and fresh basil and rock salt, goats cheese, philly, even laughing cow(if you can call it cheese, can't stand dairylea though) and cottage cheese. all with crusty bread, fresh salad bits and some ham etc. or in a cheese sauce baked in the oven all brown and bubbly on top. um, i'm off to the kitchen now to ferret out some food.

SofaQueen Fri 01-Jan-10 16:30:41

I'm a cheeselover, and frequently just have a cheese plate for dinner. Some of my favourites are:

Vacherin Mont d'Or
Monte Enebro
Ossau Iraty
Montgomery Cheddar (only this cheddar!)
Linconshire Poacher

So much flavour in a small mouthful!

misshardbroom Fri 01-Jan-10 16:31:18

Blacksticks Blue. And then Asda substituted it on my Christmas order. For common or garden Stilton <sob>

SofaQueen Fri 01-Jan-10 16:31:25

I forgot one - Stinking Bishop!

traceybath Fri 01-Jan-10 16:32:37

Vacherin - so delicious.

That with good bread and quince paste is my favourite supper.

coldtits Fri 01-Jan-10 16:35:28

not THIS

NinjaChipmunk Fri 01-Jan-10 16:41:22

thats just WRONG!!

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