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Ideas for lunchbox-must be spanish!

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coldtea Wed 29-Jun-05 17:10:51

Ds is having a pretend day to Spain & we've been asked to put spanish food in their lunchboxes.

Any suggestions?

SoupDragon Wed 29-Jun-05 17:11:23


spacedonkey Wed 29-Jun-05 17:11:31


starlover Wed 29-Jun-05 17:11:50

a seville orange

coldtea Wed 29-Jun-05 17:12:17

pml at sangria!

SoupDragon Wed 29-Jun-05 17:12:28

How about things that look like tapas?

WideWebWitch Wed 29-Jun-05 17:12:30

ha ha at sangria!

Pruni Wed 29-Jun-05 17:13:01

Message withdrawn

bossykate Wed 29-Jun-05 17:17:21

jamon serrano
manchego cheese

is this the sort of thing you're after?

tortilla as already suggested would be my top tip.

ps - people in spain eat sandwiches - just call them "bocadillos" and pack as normal

spacedonkey Wed 29-Jun-05 17:18:09

yes, make a tortilla bocadillo

manchego is yum, with membrillo (quince cheese)

whymummy Wed 29-Jun-05 17:21:10

seriously,all those are what i would suggest,my children love chorizo sandwiches in their lunch box even though other children look at them and go ""oooh yuck" it's yummy

coldtea Wed 29-Jun-05 17:22:49

I've got until the 7th, i think i may need to try him with these 1st! I love chorizo but am pretty sure ds won't.

I'm not very good at cooking omlettes . Can i buy any of this pre-packed?

spacedonkey Wed 29-Jun-05 17:24:05

how about pinchos morunos (sp?) - little pork kebab things

kama Wed 29-Jun-05 17:24:36

Message withdrawn

bossykate Wed 29-Jun-05 17:26:04

caracoles! teehee! thought i might suggest pulpo!

jamon, manchego, olives, chorizo - just get from a deli.

have to say pre packed tortilla doesn't sound that nice.

whymummy Wed 29-Jun-05 17:30:28

take fish and chips and when they ask tell him to say he's in benidorm
coldtea would he eat a rice salad?you could cook the rice in either saffron or turmeric,add some peas,chicken,etc to look like paella.

CarolinaMoon Wed 29-Jun-05 17:45:52

how about patatas bravas (chunks of potato in a tomato-chili sauce, though obviously easy on the chilli if he is v wee)?

tortilla is easy, not like a french omelette - here is a delia recipe for it

anchovies marinaded in vinegar? (from a deli)

coldtea Wed 29-Jun-05 17:52:22

Love the fish & chip idea.

He loves rice & salad so could do that. The potato sounds good(he's 5 btw), i'm sure he would eat that, just flicked through the spanish omelette recipe, will definetly try that.

Great ideas, thanks

Whizzz Wed 29-Jun-05 18:23:15

Its easier if you use a very small frying pan & ensure the base is well cooked before you flip it over with a plate !
Also crusty bread rubbed with olive oil & tomato is nice & very easy !

ja9 Wed 29-Jun-05 18:27:36

magdalenas - plain little fairy cake things. They are YUM!

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