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Fermented mincemeat - safe to use?

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TheRedQueen Mon 14-Dec-09 20:01:36

I made my own (sweet) mincemeat at the beginning of October and when I checked it last week, I noticed that there had been some fermentation of the apple (e.g. sticky liquid bubbling from some of the jars). Does this necessarily mean I can no longer use it, or should it still be safe providing it smells and tastes OK? Apart from cooking a batch of mince pies and (force-)feeding them to my DH to see if they make him ill, I just don't know how to judge it. Any advice much appreciated (especially as we have 50 people coming to a mince pie party on Sunday ....)

DillieTantie Mon 14-Dec-09 21:39:52

I wouldn't eat it in its' fermenting state. However, to salvage it, I would put it all back in a pan, re-boil it and put it back in clean, sterilised jars. Then keep it in the 'fridge until you turn it into mince pies.
Should be just fine for the mince pie party.

TheRedQueen Tue 15-Dec-09 18:50:16

Thanks. Much appreciated!

amumoffour Sat 08-Nov-14 12:32:55

I have made mincemeat for 50 years and it has always fermented with no ill effects. One Christmas I sod it in my little shop and was so concerned I called the local health department who assured me it was safe and added it is probably very good

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