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Help - inlaws coming next weekend need freeze ahead menus to make tomorrow please!

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vicdubya Sun 26-Jun-05 19:26:15

In laws coming next weekend - last couple of times I have served up ready made-ish stuff for various reasons...

But I can't really get away with it this time, am all out of inspiration, I need 2 main course ideas & 2 pudding ideas that I can make the bulk of tomorrow and freeze until the weekend.

Ideas anyone?!!!

I can shop beforehand & have frozen pastry in the freezer.

compo Sun 26-Jun-05 19:27:21

How about the bolognaise for spaghetti bolognaise and then you can just do the spaghetti? Or a shepherds pie?

Twiglett Sun 26-Jun-05 19:28:55

lasagne - fisherman's pie - pasta sauce - apple pie

if you are happy to cook for 20 mins on the day you can't go wrong with poached salmon, new potatoes and seasonal vegetables followed by mixed berries and ice cream

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