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what to do with pork mince?

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TracyK Sun 26-Jun-05 13:20:23

any recipe/cooking instruct for meatballs? I'm so fed up with normal mince - gone off the flavour - so I got some pork mince yesterday.

Caligula Sun 26-Jun-05 13:24:26

pork mince is nice done like a chili con carne but with pork instead of beef.

And it's also very good with sweet potato and chilli and kidney beans, plus red and green pepper and herbs - coriander or thyme, whichever you prefer. If coriander, chuck a bit of lime juice in as well.

And it's good stir-fried with lemon grass, ginger, coconut milk, chilli and soy and limejuice and a bit of brown sugar. Plus any veg you want to chuck in (red and green pepper and spring onion is good).

happymerryberries Sun 26-Jun-05 13:35:43

It is fab made up and apple and pork burgers

suzywong Sun 26-Jun-05 13:39:49

Yum Yum Caligula
They don't do free range pork over here, which is a big shame so I don't use it very often (17 years of vegetarianism still affects my conscience even though I am a born again carnivore)

fairyfly Sun 26-Jun-05 15:01:31

know what you mean sw, i was one for 12 years and still pretend i am subconciously

chipmonkey Mon 27-Jun-05 11:15:14

homemade sausages?

Lizzylou Mon 27-Jun-05 11:17:37

DS loves pork and apricot burgers......

eldestgirl Mon 27-Jun-05 11:49:44

Ken Hom's firecracker pork (Quick Wok). Leave out the chillies for the children and then add just b4 you eat it!

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