Smoked salmon 2 days past use by - would you eat it?

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Fleecy Wed 09-Dec-09 12:23:44

That's it really! I've got a pack of smoked salmon offcuts and they've been in the fridge for just over a week. I usually freeze them but had it in my head they were good 'til the end of the week.

Use by is 7 Dec - do you think it would be okay? It's for DC as well.

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Lionstar Wed 09-Dec-09 12:26:24


we once ate smoked salmon that I had frozen that was 6 months (!) past it's date (only realised after)

gorionine Wed 09-Dec-09 12:31:12

I would smell it and decide after!

Fleecy Wed 09-Dec-09 12:41:48

Good idea! I think it'll probably be okay - it's been kept chilled and it's unlikely to turn just like that. But because the DC are eating with us, it worries me a bit!

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120cmsOfSnow Wed 09-Dec-09 20:04:34

yes, should be fine. You can always cook it!
My dc's like it with pasta (heat it gently with some creme fraiche or cream and a squeeze of lemon juice). Very good on tagliatelle. yum.

Fleecy Wed 09-Dec-09 22:46:40

Well I did cook it - and still here so far!

We did with pasta, leeks, cheese sauce and breadcrumbs and it was yum.

Thanks for your advice!

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pooexplosions Thu 10-Dec-09 11:52:09

<we once ate smoked salmon that I had frozen that was 6 months (!) past it's date (only realised after)>

But it was frozen? the date doesnt apply then? hmm


Lionstar Thu 10-Dec-09 15:28:21

Yes but I think 1 month in the freezer is the usual recommendation, and certainly not more than 3! But we survived smile

darcymum Thu 10-Dec-09 15:31:55

I have stuff in my freezer that has been there for years, I'd happy eat.

pooexplosions Thu 10-Dec-09 17:27:26

What exactly do you think will happen to frozen fish in a few months? Quality deteriorates with prolonged freezing but there is nothing harmful sbout salmon that has been frozen for 6 months unless there was something inherently wrong with it before you froze it.

frogetyfrog Thu 10-Dec-09 17:44:31

Fish stinks if its off. If it doesnt stink or isnt slimy (in an off kind of way) then I think its fine. My pet hate is dates on food. What did people do before dates? They sniffed and felt food and knew if it was ok or off.

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