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What would be your basic herbs and spices collection?

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plantsitter Mon 30-Nov-09 13:43:16

My dad wants one for christmas. He wants to actually cook with them so I don't want to get him a pre-packed 'gift set' as you never know how long they've been kicking around.

What would be in your definitive herb and spice rack?


DuchessOfAvon Mon 30-Nov-09 13:49:58

Spices: Coriander, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, dried chilli.
Herbs: Rosemay, thyme, oregano, bay leaves.

Those are the ones I use most often. And if I could grow the herbs reliably without the little critters dying on me, I'd only have the spices.

notamumyetbutoneday Mon 30-Nov-09 13:51:02

ground cumin
cumin seeds
ground coriander
mixed herbs
chilli powder
mixed spice
garam masala

These are the ones I use week in week out.

I dont bother with any other dried herbs apart from mixed and oregano as I don't think thr others taste of anything.

DuchessOfAvon Mon 30-Nov-09 13:52:46

Oh forgot the nutmeg!

plantsitter Mon 30-Nov-09 13:53:44

brilliant! Thank you!

chopstheduck Mon 30-Nov-09 13:55:50

hmmm, I have lots.

ground spices - chilli, turmeric, cumin, corinader, aesofetida, cinamon, allspice,
whole spcies - black mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek, fennel, cardomon, cinamon, peppercorns
Herbs - bay leaves, rosemary, oregano, mint, parsley, sage

Might be worth checking out - their spices are great. I found their shop by following my nose one day down portobello market!

thumbwitch Mon 30-Nov-09 14:00:54

depends a lot what sort of thing he'll be cooking.

Very basic, I'd go for:
Coriander leaf
Mixed Herbs

Mixed Spice

I don't "do" spicy foods so wouldn't have a lot of the things you need for curries etc., but DH does.

MrsBadger Mon 30-Nov-09 14:01:43

depends on your style of cooking and what you have in the garden

we do mostly Mediterranean and Fr stuff, plus the odd curry, so

fresh basil, rosemary, sage and thyme in the garden or on the windowsill plus dried for backup, then dried oregano, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon (stick and ground), saffron, cardamom pods, coriander, cumin (both of those as seeds and ground), turmeric, kalonji, chilli flakes, smoked paprika for mexican things, chilli powder, curry powder, garam masala, cloves, black and mixed peppercorns, bay leaves

If you did a lot of Chinese type cooking you might want some other stuff eg star anise

plantsitter Mon 30-Nov-09 14:49:20

I think he will be doing quite basic stuff - British and Mediterranean type (along with the odd hideous experiment if he is true to form).

Thanks for your answers; I'll make him up a nice rack based on this and my budget!

LongDeadMotherofHorrors Mon 30-Nov-09 14:58:06

At home, I stock my cupboard with everything which would take too long to list, but this is what I pack when we go on holiday as my "cannot cook without" dried store:

Black perppercorns
Maldon salt
Fines Herbes
Fennel seeds
Chilli seeds
Bay leaves

On holiday the things I wished I'd also packed are Star Anise, Cardamon, Caraway. When away from my garden I always buy fresh mint, basil, coriander and parsley.

Spicekitchenuk Thu 17-Oct-13 08:51:13

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