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ideas for easy to make party food/finger food gluten and dairy free!

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starlover Wed 22-Jun-05 18:50:07

having party on sunday. My little cousin who is 11 is gluten and dairy intolerant.
have got some gluten free breadsticks and some dips, and have some dairy free ice cream... but would like to make some other bits and pieces.

also... an idea for a dessert i could make using the ice cream perhaps?

SueW Wed 22-Jun-05 19:01:02

Meringue with fruit and dairy free ice-cream? Or gluten-free, dairy free choc (I think Green and Black's plain falls into this.

starlover Wed 22-Jun-05 19:03:48

ooh that's a good idea. i might do a chocolatey thing with meringue, choc ice cream and... something else! strawberries perhaps!

lucy5 Wed 22-Jun-05 19:25:53

tescos do loads of things, they have a special section. I once had a party with 1 fussy but can eat anything, 2 vegetarians, 1 diary intolerant, 1 gluten free, 1 vegan, diary and gluten intolerant and allergic to eggs, strawberry, tomatoes, allergic to just about everything really. god it was a nightmare but all mums pleased I put in the effort. Here in Spain no one seems to be allergic to anything just have to keep dd of the coke and e filled toxic looking sweets.

starlover Wed 22-Jun-05 19:44:00

ahh... i shall take a look then. i normally avoid tesco but may pay them a visit!

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