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Do you sing in the kitchen?

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ks Wed 22-Jun-05 18:01:06

Message withdrawn

jessicasmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 18:02:00

i dont but dh does - dh is a chef and sings all day at work too!

kama Wed 22-Jun-05 18:02:36

Message withdrawn

donnie Wed 22-Jun-05 18:05:36

I sing all the time!

Twiglett Wed 22-Jun-05 18:05:52

do you ONLY sing in the kitchen though

I think I get DS into trouble, cos not only do I sing a lot but I always make up the words .. so DS makes up words too .. so I bet at pre-school they are wondering why this otherwise bright little boy can't remember the words to twinkle, twinkle little star

ks Wed 22-Jun-05 18:48:59

Message withdrawn

fishfinger Wed 22-Jun-05 18:49:49

yes cureent fave is " i a m the beat" form t he 70s
ds23 ( aged ") puts his hands over his ears

Angeliz Wed 22-Jun-05 18:50:15

i was singing then..

"I see the moon, the moon sees me."

moon on the brain!

giraffeski Wed 22-Jun-05 18:52:03

Message withdrawn

LGJ Wed 22-Jun-05 18:54:21

I have my own office next to someone with a great sense of humour, I frequently break into song and every so often he will pipe up, stop singing, I will pay you

My reply well if I am drinking tea I can't sing can I ??

Haven't made a cup of tea for months


Nice to see you again.

HappyHuggy Wed 22-Jun-05 19:27:22

I sing all the time, usual using my hairbrush as a microphone....

ks Wed 22-Jun-05 19:29:11

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Wed 22-Jun-05 19:41:15

i sing everywhere

Mama5 Wed 22-Jun-05 20:21:08

I like to allow my lovely children the priveledge of listening to my lark- styled warblings wherever and whenever possible.
Lucky things. My DD (10) objects when I do it loud in the street. I am of an age when I just dont care!

Surfermum Wed 22-Jun-05 20:40:37

I'm always singing and very often dancing too. It's a toss up as to which one's worst.

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