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trifle recipes

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sweetmonkey Wed 22-Jun-05 10:56:36

ok so i was talking to DP last night and asked what birthday cake he would like as im into my baking at the mo. he said he wasnt really sure but did like trifle . so was maybe gonna do him a sponge cake and decorate it and also a trifle .just wondered if anyone had any fool proof recipes . also do they contain alcohol?

trefusis Wed 22-Jun-05 11:02:32

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Wed 22-Jun-05 11:05:23

ah that would be great thank you!!
delias recipes are usually very nice , ive made quite a few of her cakes.
her ginger and choc chip biccies go down well

basketcase Wed 22-Jun-05 11:11:23

Trifles are great - you just layer whatever you want - sponge soaked with fruit juice/alcohol, fruit and jelly if you want - raspberries and redcurrants with a little alcohol, pear and ginger, you name it. Then custard - fresh, homemade, bought, instant whatever. Finally a creamy bit - mousse, fresh whipped cream, even tip top. Don’t forget sprinkles/chocolate/buttons/flake whatever you fancy. Or do the trad. thing and have chopped glace cherries and flaked toasted almonds.

I like pear and ginger trifle when pears are juiciest and plenty of ginger syrup in with the sponge. Homemade vanilla pod custard essential, marsala wine works well too.
I do a great boozy chocolate cheats trifle.
Two or three choc chip muffins broken up and put in the bottom - soaked with good splash Baileys (or choc milkshake if for kids)
Chocolate custard next - I buy the choc instant you make up with hot water - cheap and easy if short of time - tastes great when cold esp. with dash of Baileys in and handful of choc buttons mixed in when cold. Pour on when cool and crumble a flake all over. Next I make two pints of angel delight, choc of course, with dash of Baileys of course. Final layer is Baileys flavoured cream (or just cream) and crumbled flake. Easy peasy. Best to do the day before to let flavours develop. Alcohol is optional and you jazz it up if you have the time by making your own egg custard, choc, mousee from scratch etc. if you have the time.
If you like cooking, don’t use a recipe, just be creative, decide on your contrasting layers, textures and flavours and go for it.

trefusis Wed 22-Jun-05 11:13:19

Message withdrawn

trefusis Wed 22-Jun-05 11:14:57

Message withdrawn

basketcase Wed 22-Jun-05 11:19:49

mmmmmmmmmmm you have got me thinking....
Think I am going to get a load out of the feezer and make a rasperry only summer fruit pudding with a nice creamy home made balsamic ice cream.

sweetmonkey Wed 22-Jun-05 12:24:47

mmmmmmmmm they all sound yum . i reckon i might need to do a few trials first to see which ones i like best LOL

i'l lof course only be testing them on my own just to get them perfect

trefusis Wed 22-Jun-05 13:18:35

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 10:38:06

just looking at the recipes and doesnt trifle usually have a jelly bit too?

trefusis Thu 23-Jun-05 12:06:46

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 12:56:32

HMM yeah maybe just out of interest how big or small are the sponges that you break into pieces as i guess htey would have to be a reasonable size in order to spread the jam on

trefusis Thu 23-Jun-05 13:11:13

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 13:15:07

ok cool . thank you sooooooooo much for your help!!!!!!!!

Tommy Thu 23-Jun-05 13:15:29

I used to do a choc one with sliced up Swiss roll at the bottom, then jelly and fruit, then chocolate mousse or instant whip, then the cream with Flake crumbled over the top.
Oh - don't forget the booze over the cakes - brandy is nice

trefusis Thu 23-Jun-05 13:19:15

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 13:27:24

i absolutely LOVE black forest gateaux!!!!!! it makes me totally hyper!! LLOL cant help it just a bowl of that with cream and im away

are we twins do you reckon?

tassis Thu 23-Jun-05 15:09:57

Just read this thread and I wondered if you wanted another version? Very easy.

You thinly slice madiera cake into the bottom of your dish and pour over a punnet or two of rasps (frozen works if you're making it out of season). You can add your alcohol at this stage though I tend not to. Leave it overnight or at least until the rasps have soaked through the cake. Pour over a tin of custard and then the whipped cream.

sweetmonkey Thu 23-Jun-05 15:22:19

ooo thank you , gonna have lots of trial runs . gonna end up very fat i think

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