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La Tasca...has anyone been?

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Curiousmama Sun 22-Nov-09 11:20:21

I'm going this week and wondered how much it is for a main meal? I have a 50% off voucher but was just curious. On their website it shows the food but not the cost.

squashedfrogs Sun 22-Nov-09 15:13:58

On their website, if you search for your local restaurant and then click on the menu details, it should give you the prices charged per dish.

The 50% vouchers tend to be good value but don't normally cover drinks so if you want a cheap meal overall you need to be careful with the drinks as well.

Have a good time smile

Curiousmama Sun 22-Nov-09 23:28:09

thanks, it's a wine tasting night too so should be interesting smile

Dorothyredboots Mon 23-Nov-09 09:46:39

I have been a few times on work type dos and also at lunch with DH (we had voucher/offer) and I have always enjoyed it. It can run away with you so don't go mad ordering everything!

NorbertDentressangle Mon 23-Nov-09 10:01:09

I went for lunch there recently with DP and although we had a 50% off voucher we opted for their in-house deal of lunch for 2 for £10 (that included 5 tapas dishes to share and you could add bread for £1)

TBH though I wasn't that impressed with the food (I am veggie though so it might just be that the veggie selection was a bit uninspiring and lacking in flavour)

MuppetsMuggle Mon 23-Nov-09 10:03:35

We quite like it. Don't go very often tho.

belgila Mon 23-Nov-09 18:28:48

you should try a new home delivery company just opened in canford heath. everything is home made and delicious. very friendly and will change any dish to suit your taste. not very expensive either i phoned him earlier this week and he told me the new veggie and wheat free menu will be out in january give him a try they are called something different. his wife is spanish and she cooks a mean paella.

Curiousmama Wed 25-Nov-09 10:48:32

thanks all, we had a great night. Got to taste 6 wines (hic!) Opted for tapas for 2 and got a table full of food, a decent bottle of red, olives and bread to start, dessert each, coffee each and it only came to £40 for 2 of us. Bargain! Food was great too. It was packed out too which was nice and even though they were under-staffed I couldn't fault them.

foxytocin Wed 25-Nov-09 10:55:03

I find the food in La Tasca (newcastle) minging and overpriced. Maybe it is different elsewhere?

Curiousmama Wed 25-Nov-09 11:34:45

I've been to one in Harrogate I think? and it wasn't that good. This one was in Durham.

Curiousmama Wed 25-Nov-09 11:35:48

Harrogate was years ago though and I couldn't remember if it was expensive or not that's why I started this thread. I ususally go to local tapas or make my own.

alypaly Wed 25-Nov-09 11:47:08

it looks cheap,but the portions are really small and it soon mounts up. I didnt enjoy the food as its all reheated garbage and full of grease. I think its over rated. The spanish potatoes gave the game away for reheated can always tell. I certainly wouldnt be in a rush to go back again. morrisons Potatas bravas are better than la tasca. Actually have taken the ingredients down and now make my own which my 2 DS's prefer.

I am a bit of a foodie but it is a bit like studenty crap

Curiousmama Wed 25-Nov-09 16:51:58

I'm a foodie too and was surprised how nice this one was. I suppose it'll be a franchise so will differ from branch to branch? Dp and I usually cook from scratch or if we eat out it's pubs/restaurants with good reviews or friend's recommendations. It was a good atmosphere last night though and made a nice change.

alypaly Wed 25-Nov-09 18:56:05

it is a franchise and ive eaten in a couple of la tascas,before jumping to conclusions. I do alot of cooking and i have to say i wouldnt waste my money at either again. I get so cross when a restaurant cant produce good,simple HOT food that is worth paying over the odds for.

I am quite critical because i do so much at home ,and feel if i can do it why cant they?
Hopefully that doesnt come over as bigheaded...but i just love cooking so much. I do agree that the atmosphere was nice and noisy and bustling....but food naff.

lists4life Wed 17-Feb-16 21:39:05

So I last went to La Tasca about 3 years ago. I was going for a meal with 4 friends and there were several dietary issues so we opted for a tapas restaurant.

I wrote a blog post about the poor service I received...and the subsequent make-up meal that they provided me with by way of apology.

Piece of advice...the tapas paella and beer battered white fish are amazing!

tb Fri 19-Feb-16 21:04:45

We used to go quite often until about 4 years ago. I was staying in a hotel on my own, and it was the only place to eat open on a Sunday night. Apart from all the 25-35 somethings pissed out of their heads at 9pm who were almost ripping each other's clothes off, the food had gone right down.

We (dh, me and dd) used to really like their patatas bravas, but when I ordered them, they had a large slick of garlic mayonnaise dumped on top of the sauce in the middle. It would appear that an adolescent in marketing has decided to update the menu so that it's as revolting as possible. The manager was really apologetic that they'd run out of chocolate mousse - when I asked if they had eggs and chocolate in the kitchen, he told me it was all bought in, and he wasn't allowed to cook, just to reheat.

Last time I go there. We used to go to the Liverpool one, the Trafford Centre and the Chester one.

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