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Would you try a grape from tesco if it was in a ZIP LOCK bag?

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RTKangaMummy Mon 20-Jun-05 23:56:27

Would you try a grape from tesco if it was in a ZIP LOCK bag?

Before you all get angry I do know there was a thread on this before but

Does it make any difference if it is a ZIP-LOCK BAG???

Please I do know all about people saying they want to check if the grapes are ripe etc etc

I am just asking if it would put them off if it was a ZIP LOCK

DH has just bought some grapes and we never test them and usually buy them from the back but he said no-one would open a ZIP-LOCK bag

I personally do not want to eat from a bunch that someone else has taken some or even just one grape off

Would a ZIP-LOCK bag stop you?


HappyHuggy Mon 20-Jun-05 23:58:09


sorry if that wasnt the reaction you were after

hana Mon 20-Jun-05 23:58:12

I htink people do try from ziplock graope bags - my tescos have been doing them like that for a while and the top ones are always open. I take one from the back or the box underneath

hana Mon 20-Jun-05 23:58:33

grapes mmmmmm am eating them now!

hunkermunker Mon 20-Jun-05 23:59:55

I wouldn't try them as I always wash fruit before I eat it. I'm peculiar.

Mind you, a woman stopped me buying cherries in Sainsbury's the other day - she ate one and said it was sour!

I had an official taster that day!

QueenEagle Tue 21-Jun-05 00:00:42

Of course! What's wrong with undoing a zip-lock to test a grape? I always eat one of the bananas from the bunch I buy and also open the polybag to test the Granny Smiths too.

Doesn't everyone do this? Surely I'm not the only one?

RTKangaMummy Tue 21-Jun-05 00:00:50

That is what I thought

Will show him and ask that he makes sure rom underneath or the back

BTW please do not argue about this

RTKangaMummy Tue 21-Jun-05 00:02:18

So the kind of bag would have to be heat sealed then?

marthamoo Tue 21-Jun-05 00:06:10

I wasn't here when the infamous grape thread materialised so I'm going to have my say

I woul not give my child grapes in the supermarket, whether they were loose, in a zip-loc bag or under armed guard. I wash grapes and cut them in half - I do not dish 'em out willy nilly in Tesco when I haven't even paid for them.

If my kids whinge in Tesco for stuff I say " have to wait 'til we get outside."

I really do - not attempting to be provocative (in a non-sexual way). Ooooh, I wonder if the whole supermarket grape things will kick off again now.

QueenEagle Tue 21-Jun-05 00:08:32

Erm.... I was joking in my last post btw

RTKangaMummy Tue 21-Jun-05 00:11:28

Marthamoo am in full agreement with you btw

but I just wondered whether they changed the bag to hinder pickers

but ob doesn't work so will continue to get them from the new boxes underneath

Thank you for your replies but don't start the arguement again cos I am going to bed

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