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18 Month Old Fussy Eater - Help or is it normal?

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Jobean Fri 13-Nov-09 11:13:45

My DD is an extremely fussy eater at the moment she seems to be surviving on banana butties and SMA progress. She loves sweet things but savouries are a no-no, sometimes she won't even entertain a spoonful of meat/veg near her, I am sure if she gave some things chance she would like it but she's so stibborn and head strong!

It is nigh on impossible to get meat or veg down her.

My DS used ti love mashed up roast dinners with gravy, stews, soups, ommelettes believe me I have tries all the home made healthy options and most end up on the floor or in the bin.

She likes organics fruity chicken with rice too but that is about it.

Is this nornal, she is not under weight but its just frustrating that she won't broadeb her food horizons, she was better at weaning than she is now.

mumster70 Fri 13-Nov-09 11:37:29

My DD is 2.5yrs and was great at weaning and was considered a chunky baby, but from 8 months on the feeding turned into a nightmare and still is. She is basically not that interested in food and is very picky, though she is full of energy, very robust and not underweight. Admittedly her range of food intake is much broader than your DD's but she still consumes very little compared to other children. She is at Pre-School 5 days a week and is getting better but my heart still sinks each feeding time. I used to get very tense about it all and worked up watching each grain and morsel that made it into her mouth but now I've chilled out and accepted that this will work it's way out in time. I still need to encourage her but as long as she seems healthy then it's not worth the battle. I also don't want her to associate each feeding time with me and my husband as a stressful time with us barking at her to eat! I have spoken to quite a few parents who tell me that their children seemed to survive on air till they were school age and then they discoverrd their appetites. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jobean Sun 15-Nov-09 07:41:25

thanks, after writing this i read through a few threads and realised that my DD is just one of those fussy toddlers.

I just thought her grandma saying that her uncle lived on jam butties until he was 5 was just to make us feel better. But he is 26 a semi pro footy player and 6'3" so maybe there must be some truth in it after all x

purepurple Sun 15-Nov-09 08:44:58

You need to encourage her to eat and there are several ways you can do this.

Try to eat together, so she sees you eating.

Try to eat the same things.

Try to encourage her to fed herself.

Keep trying her with new foods, I read somewhere that you need to try a food ten times before a child decides whether they like it or not.

Try thye 'just one more'trick. Just one more until it's all gone.

Tell her that Upsy daisy [insert favourite character here] eats this all the time.

Try to get her involved in cooking (I know she is still little, but she can help fetching pans etc)

Plan ahead, and try to get her involved in growing food. Cress is easy. Then you can try veg in pots, like carrots, potatoes etc. Children are more likely to eat sometning if they have been involved in growing and cooking it.
Finally, don't stress about it. Children learn very early on that food is one area that gets them lots of attention (potty training is another, but you've got that to come smile)
Good luck!

CantSleepWontSleep Sun 15-Nov-09 08:51:19

Are you only feeding her mushed up stuff? Try putting a normal plate of food in front of her and let her explore it and try eating it herself with her fingers.

Mimi1977 Mon 16-Nov-09 16:17:15

My DD is 15 months and whilst she does eat, she doesn't eat what everything I want her to (ie. What we do). She loves comfort food like fish pie, cottage pie etc but takes a long time to come to trust new foods or textures. She loved carrots as a baby but now won't touch them if in sticks or mashed.
You do tend to think it's just your child but think everyone has this problem with them. Speaking to one of my older friends and her son just ate pizza for lunch and tea until he went to school. He's a sports teacher now!! Try not to worry and just keep doing all the right things like trying her and encouraging her which sounds like you are doing.

kwhyley Wed 20-Jul-11 16:06:54

Phew, after reading the above not so stressed about my 15 month olds eating habits. I was at the end of my tether making healthy homemade things that 'always' (last 6 weeks) have a no, shake of head and swipe floor action following careful delivery! Hoping it is just a phase and that he will grow to love food - we always eat together and he used to be an amazing self feeder from about 10 months, but the last couple of months have been a painful step backwards. How can you find out how much they are supposed to weigh and is it accurate enough to do it on bathroom scales? Thank you!

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