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Roast Dinner in this heat

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GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 14:31:48

Being a menu planner, I'd planned roast beef for today. I even still quite fancy eating a roast dinner this evening, but the thought of cooking it is making me sweat buckets let alone the reality.

Am I clinically insane even considering cooking a roast today?

nutcracker Sun 19-Jun-05 14:33:55

I'm not, we were having chicken curry but Tescos decided that a packet of chip shop curry sauce would do the job so now we are having fish and chips with chip shop curry sauce.

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Jun-05 14:34:44

Well, I'm making lasagne! The world, his wife and his dog will be having a BBQ I bet - vastly overrated imo!!

sparklymieow Sun 19-Jun-05 14:35:00

we normally have a roast on sunday buut I am not bothering today, I'm going to do Spag bol.

Gobbledigook Sun 19-Jun-05 14:35:22

Ooh, nutty, fish and chips is yummy even in hot weather I think! I had fish and chips on Friday night - YUMTASTIC!

toothyboy Sun 19-Jun-05 14:42:22

Had bbq last night - not a clue what to do tonight! Definitely not a roast, or anything which requires the oven to be on. Possibly grill some chicken and have a pasta salad or something.

GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 14:44:30

Hmm... so the rest of mumsnet is being eminently sensible

No point in doing a BBQ - due for thunderstorms around 5pm according to!

Fish and chips sounds yummy though.... dilemma

toothyboy Sun 19-Jun-05 14:45:12

YAY for the thunderstorm!!

GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 14:47:55

Yes, that's what I thought - I know I was whinging over the lack of summer, but I didn't quite expect dreary rain & cold to suddenly turn into heat wave overnight - can't we have some sort of compromise position?!

Puff Sun 19-Jun-05 14:48:26

lol Georgina, I was just going to start a thread and ask who is bonkers enough to be doing a roast dinner today!

Put the meat in a roasting pan in the garden - it'll cook out there - no need for an oven!

GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 14:50:44

lol Puff - think you might be right!

feelingold Sun 19-Jun-05 15:22:43

We have had stir fry steak, veg and noodles with rice for dinner. Only had to have the wok going for 20 minutes and it was lovely.
I wouldn't even consider doing anything requiring the oven being on.

MissChief Sun 19-Jun-05 15:42:54

..that would be me then (bonkers enough to do roast)! seemed good idea on thurs when had all ingredients delivered by mr Tesco..
now rather overheated and v.v.full..but dh & ds seem v.v.contented so was worth it I hope!

jessicasmummy Sun 19-Jun-05 15:44:11

ham sandwich here - oooh the delights!

tillykins Sun 19-Jun-05 15:59:10

I did a big cooked breakfast about 10am, now its fend for yourself day or starve!

GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 16:19:20

Thank god for that MissChief

I'mmmmmmmmmm mmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg....

Yorkiegirl Sun 19-Jun-05 16:26:01

Message withdrawn

GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 16:36:03

T-minus 25 minutes and counting. Am sure as hell opening the wine soon...

Puff Sun 19-Jun-05 16:37:58

All those who have valiantly cooked a roast dinner today deserve to be thoroughly pampered afterwards by the recipients of the meal!

GeorginaA Sun 19-Jun-05 16:44:53

Oh I agree I agree

XmariaX Sun 19-Jun-05 16:55:20

im not cooking today sod that!!!!!!!!! already nearly ready to pass out without making it 100x worse lol might just do ham salad baguettes

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