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Anyone straying from the traditional Christmas pudding on the big day??

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Mimi1977 Thu 12-Nov-09 11:02:43

I'm going to make Delia's as do every year but I'm not a major fan of it. Have been eyeing up a gorgeous looking steamed chocolate pudding in Nigella's Christmas.

What is everyone else going to have on Christmas day??

AMumInScotland Thu 12-Nov-09 11:08:31

We always have trifle, and lately an option on a vegan-friendly dessert - something dark chocolate, or maybe a fruit salad. I don't find anyone in our house can face a solid dessert after the roast. smile

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snowtiger Thu 12-Nov-09 11:12:01

We don't bother - DH is vegetarian and I'm wheat free so to find a vegetarian wheat free xmas pud that actually tastes half decent is probably impossible anyway, but even if we did, we haven't got a microwave so would take 3 hours to steam the sodding thing. Stuff that.

Apple pie, mince pies, meringues and fruit, plus cream and / or posh ice cream Chez Snowtiger this year, then a couple of whopping great slabs of seriously honky cheese. Yum!

Am not doing a turkey either! Gasp! Will probably be hanged by the Chrismas police but have decided to do lamb shanks instead.

nancy75 Thu 12-Nov-09 11:14:05

we usually have something chocolate, none of us like xmas pudding

TabithaTwitchet Thu 12-Nov-09 11:19:52

We always have my mum's delicious chocolate mousse - in my family Christmas pudding is strictly for Boxing Day after a lunch of cold turkey, ham, cheese, pickles etc.

Itsjustafleshwound Thu 12-Nov-09 11:22:41

HATE, HATE, HATE Christmas pudding - I usually make a brandy tart (with cream or custard) instead ...

However, the nicest christmas pudding I have ever had was when we were in sunnier climes for Christmas and there was a frozen, ice-cream based christmas pudding on offer - absoutely delicious !!

shoptilidrop Thu 12-Nov-09 13:14:35

normally i do trifel, after a whole xmas dinner i always fine xmas pudding a bit heavy. I normally save it for boxing day. I normally do a trifel, but this year im doing a white chocolate mouse ( from this months delicious mag) and it can be made the day before as well...

mussyhillmum Thu 12-Nov-09 13:45:34

We always have a trifle after Christmas dinner - too stuffed to find room for pudding as well! I always make Delia's Christmas pudding and we have that on Boxing Day.

DwayneDibbley Thu 12-Nov-09 13:49:14

Message withdrawn

DwayneDibbley Thu 12-Nov-09 13:50:21

Message withdrawn

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