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kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 11-Nov-09 09:34:32

Whilst in Germany I bought a frozen goose and it's sitting in my freezer now. Anybody got any ideas of length of cooking - it weighs about 7kg, method of cooking and accompanyments? i get so fed up with turkey so fancied a change. Roast potatoes are a given, so are parsnips if Ican find them, but I'm thinking more stuffing and things like that. DD is already refusing to consider eating it because it has feet (?), but she'll have no choice.
Many thanks in advance

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 11-Nov-09 09:35:15

Obviously I should have said it is for christmas lunch and I will defrost it first.

meltedmarsbars Wed 11-Nov-09 14:48:56

Last time we caught and ate one (long story) we had it with redcurrant sauce.
Was a blighter to pluck.

Gooseberry goes well grin

ClaireDeLoon Wed 11-Nov-09 14:51:09

I did gooseberry sauce when I did goose for Christmas lunch. Can't remember what stuffing.

Abiding memory is of realising it was so long it wouldn't fit in the oven and my dad and DP hacksawing off the ends of the legs.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 11-Nov-09 15:04:29

Fabulous, I'll look for gooseberries, not sure we can get them here (Switzerland) particularly if they are out of season.
Will definitely try to see if it will fit in oven, dd already refusing to eat it because of feet (although maybe involving her in the sawing is the way to go)

meltedmarsbars Thu 12-Nov-09 11:40:48

Or remove legs and thighs for a goose confit.

Try looking for frozen gooseberries - they are an early summer thing here.

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