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What Can I Cook For

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LilMissy Sat 18-Jun-05 18:46:41

8-10 students on a budget? I'm going away in a few weeks and have been assigned as the cook since I'm the only one who can cook

I'm pretty ok at cooking so fairly difficult stuff is ok, but it has to be as cheap as possible.

Has anyone got any ideas?


MaloryTowers Sat 18-Jun-05 18:55:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucy5 Sat 18-Jun-05 19:02:22

Veg chilli, veg curry. cook garlic and onions and mushrooms in oil add tomato frito or sundried tom paste( if you want to splash out) and add cream or creme fraiche chilli powder and pepper mix in a load of pasta.

LilMissy Sat 18-Jun-05 19:07:04

cheers!! The only thing I could think of was beans on toast!!

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