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Leftovers, yum

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NotQuiteCockney Fri 17-Jun-05 21:21:36

Which leftovers do you manage to use up every time?

And which leftovers turn into little petri dishes?

I always manage to use up ratatouille (faux tuna pasta, or mix it with cottage cheese, or whatever), and nearly always use up leftover rice (fry it with things, yum).

Somehow, roast chicken always goes wrong - I strip the carcass, fridge the chicken ... and then watch it go off. Any tips? It always seems dry to me ...

Share your leftover successes and failures!

charleepeters Fri 17-Jun-05 21:22:48

curry it!

bundle Fri 17-Jun-05 21:23:48

or coronation it with curry powder, mayo etc in sarnies/part of salad.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 17-Jun-05 21:26:09

Hmm, mayo. I'm not so sure about coronationing things ... what's in that? Raisins? I don't think we have curry powder in this house, although we probably have paste, and/or the requisite components of curry powder ...

bundle Fri 17-Jun-05 21:27:34

risotto, if you have other bits too

dinny Fri 17-Jun-05 21:29:24

I always do chicken, rice and peas - saute onion in olive oil, add chopped chicken, any leftover veg and cooked rice, season. EAT. mmmmmmm.

dinny Fri 17-Jun-05 21:30:23

and the day before doing a shop I always make a big chunky veg soup-thing with all leftover veg.

NotQuiteCockney Fri 17-Jun-05 21:35:28

I tend not to have leftover veg, except for ratatouille, which I have in large quantities. It's really lovely, cold, with cottage cheese.

Oh, in winter I have more leftover veg. (I get an organic box.)

Oh, I'm not getting through chicken stock these days, presumably because I'm not making soup. What else can chicken stock go in? Stir-fries? Fried cabbage? Probably not.

dinny Fri 17-Jun-05 21:38:10

soak couscous in it and then add chicken bits and various veg, fresh or frozen?

toothyboy Fri 17-Jun-05 22:11:55

Leftovers? - we eat everything first time round in this house!! We are soooooooooo greedy!

lunachic Fri 17-Jun-05 22:16:28

one of the nicest meals ive had recently was bubble and squeak which was mash fried up with leftover lamb roast and veg (cooked in wine with the veg-leeks carrots onions) with a dash oflee and perrins in the mash and gravy it was YUM

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