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What did your 2 year old eat today?

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snickersnack Sun 08-Nov-09 18:19:06

I just need to remind myself that wacky eating habits are normal at this age. Today he has eaten:

2 pancakes with lemon and sugar (breakfast)
6 mangetout and a mouthful of chocolate ice cream (lunch)
2 mangetout, 7 oven chips and half a piece of bread and jam (tea).

That's not a balanced diet, not even close. But it's fairly normal these days.

Themasterandmargaritas Sun 08-Nov-09 18:35:34

A bowl of Honey Stars, a piece of toast with peanut butter
3 slices of apple and a chocolate milkshake
half a carrot

To be fair to him, he is off colour. When he refused cake this afternoon, I knew he must really be sick. grin

IMoveTheStarsForNoOne Sun 08-Nov-09 18:41:32

2 weetabix, 1/2 slice of toast.
Lunch was toast and a piece of cake
Dinner was sweet potato, chicken and sweetcorn - he had 5 mouthfuls.

mamakoukla Sun 08-Nov-09 18:42:01

cornflakes and 8 oz milk
1 banana
beef, potato, carrot, courgette
4 oz milk
pureed fruit

afternoon snack and evening meal still pending

ProfYaffle Sun 08-Nov-09 18:44:22

1.5 potato waffles
About 3 greengauges
Half a hummus sandwich and half a slice of toast
Mashed potato, broccoli and gravy
Ice cream

which I think is quite good, dd2 is a good eater, dd1 however, was only eating round food at this stage (peas, sweetcorn, blueberries and chickpeas iirc)

sheeplikessleep Sun 08-Nov-09 18:48:07

porridge and half a banana
few fingers of toast with jam

roast chicken, potatoes, bit of yorkshire pud, carrots (refused sprouts and brocolli) ... cheesecake and icecream
a clementine

slice of toast with humous on
other half of the banana

i think he has quite an appetite though.

ten10 Sun 08-Nov-09 19:19:01

Breakfast - Bowl of Rice Krispies, (but no milk!)
Lunch - Plain piece of brown bread (won't have anything on it!) and a banana
Dinner - Fish fingers and baked beans and an iced cup cake

hardly a balanced diet

can you tell we are going through a fussy stage and he used to eat anything you put in front of him

jenniferturkington Sun 08-Nov-09 19:27:03

breakfast: small bowl of porridge with banana secretly nashed in to it; a few jam soldiers

snack: 2 warm weetabix

lunch: half a croissant, 1 bite apple, 2 bites of pear

dinner: a few mouthfuls of lamb stew, mash, gravy and 1 green bean, 1 small brocolli floret

pudding:vanilla ice cream and a chocolate biscuit.

this was a fairly hungry day for him tbh!

jenniferturkington Sun 08-Nov-09 19:28:07

mashed obviously!

Bensmum76 Sun 08-Nov-09 21:18:27

My DS ate ;
2 pieces of toast and biscuit for breakfast
Bar of chocolate at soft play (weekly treat)
Fish fingers, chips and peas, plus ice cream for lunch
Made cakes this afternoon and DS and I 'licked' the bowl and utensils clean!
Butternut squash and pea risotto, and cake for dessert
Raisins, yogurt and milk for bedtime snack.
My DS is a BIG eater and will pretty much eat anything at the moment so we are quite easy when it comes to eating chocolate and having treats as he eats loads of fruit and veg too.

Pipsicle Mon 09-Nov-09 17:48:14

Wake Up milk - 120 ml
Breakfast - 5 Cheerios dried, 1 finger of toast, pot of Petit Filous, 2/3 of Innocent Smoothie
Snack - Organix Cereal Bar
Lunch - chunk of cheese and crisps
Pm snack - 1 Percy Pig sweet!
Dinner - 2 chicken nuggets, 5 chips, pot of yoghurt
Bedtime milk - probably about 150ml

She is barely eating at the moment and only eats a few types of food and little fruit and no veg ..its sooooo boring and has been like this since she was 16 months and is getting worse in restricting what she will eat. Am going with the flow as she has some chub on her, has energy and seems fine but you cant help but worry. She used to try more variety and eat more at nursery (goes 2 days/wk) but even that has stopped.

fruitful Mon 09-Nov-09 17:58:12

Breakfast - 1 weetabix with milk

snack - a beaker of milk and a biscuit

lunch - 2 slices of cucumber, 2 cocktail sausages and a fromage frais

afternoon - a beaker of milk, one and a half very large bananas

tea - nothing, probably because of the bananas

He is 2 next month.

He doesn't eat that well, but his diet is so awesomely amazing compared to what ds1's was at this age, that I can't bring myself to worry about him.

HappyBump Mon 09-Nov-09 17:59:44

Breakfast - very small handful of museli and milk. A banana

Snack: 1/2 apple, babybel cheese

Lunch: brown finger roll with soft cheese and cucumber, 8-10 grapes, packet of mini cheddars

Snack: frozen natural apple juice lolly

Dinner: Small piece of salmon with squash & mushroom risotto, spinach, green beans and peas
Natural yogurt with mixed winter berries
Cheese and crackers
1/4 apple (stolen from me, humpf!)

Bedtime milk: 250ml+

Wow! now I've written it down it sounds like so much and he has really cut back on food recently. He's 90+centile for height and 50+ for weight (well he was at last measuring a few months ago)/

MarthaFarquhar Mon 09-Nov-09 18:06:29

Breakfast - banana, few grapes, cup of milk
Lunch - cheese and cucumber sandwich, 1/2 an apple, two of my monster munch
Snack - few grapes
Dinner - huge portion home made veggie pizza, 1/2 banana
she'll have milk at bedtime too.

we are blessed with a very good eater.

SazZaVoom Mon 09-Nov-09 18:07:31

Muesli & milk
1/2 flapjack
Tomato & lentil soup, 1/2 cheese marmite sandwich, 3 olives, 3 cherry tomatoes
1 sausage, 2 brocolli florets, 3 babycorn, 5 french beans, 6 sauteed mushrooms, Fromage frais

There probably should have been some potato with tea, but it is such a battle i just served up veg with the sausage hmm

PlantASeedWatchItGrow Mon 09-Nov-09 18:09:20

Breakfast- Milk in cup (3/4??), shreddies/cherios (ate about half) and a slice of taost
Snack- whole apple and satsuma
Lunch- Rice cake, cheese sandwich (ate about 1/4) raisins, 4 cherry tomatoes,1 plum
Snack- biscuit/ banana
Dinner- Chicken, potato, peas, sweetcorn, brocoli, parsnip and yorkshire pud.(child size plate, ate 3/4) Ice cream.
Bed-Milk in cup

But to be fair she is a very good eater, and loves fruit and veg, but is only average size. Looking at these it looks like she eats a lot, I don't know where it all goes.

It is so easy to worry when they have an 'off' day, but they normally make up for it on other days. grin

HeadFairy Mon 09-Nov-09 18:10:50

he's been with the cm today so I don't know, but yesterday was a shocker...

He had cornflakes for breakfast (not too does get worse)
Pizza and a baby bel for lunch
2 chocolate biscuits at my mum's house
One mouthful of fishfinger, one mouthful of chip... four mouthfuls of peas with tomato ketchup.

silverfrog Mon 09-Nov-09 18:13:17

big bowl of (dry) cornflakes for breakfast with milk separately (I only indulge this becasue dry cornflakes are a LOT easier to clean up than soggy ones!)

half a bit of toast when i finally got around to having my breakfast...

chicken, tomato & veg risotto for lunch - prob around 4 good tablespoons?
box of raisins

half an apple mid afternoon

lamb veg & lentil curry + rice for tea - big bowlfull.
a pear
handful of blueberries

she'll probably have a bit more fruit before bed, or maybe a bit of toast.

I honestly don't know where she puts it all - she's only weighs 10kg, and will be 3 in Feb shock

TabithaTwitchet Mon 09-Nov-09 18:15:48

She is under the weather today, so has been even worse than usual...

Breakfast, handful of apricot shredded wheats, Innocent smoothie for kids, half a pot of yoghurt.

Lunch, slice of cheddar, half a slice of white bread, half a little box of raisins, tasted one clementine segment and then spat it out again.

no dinner yet, waiting for DH to get in from work and he is late, have cooked DD's favourite to tempt her:
chicken, chips, broccoli and sweetcorn.

RumourOfAHurricane Mon 09-Nov-09 18:17:39

Message withdrawn

juicy12 Mon 09-Nov-09 18:20:07

Breakfast - bowl of Cheerios, marmite toast
lunch - marmite sandwich, slices of cheese
dinner - pasta with cheese and tomato sauce

snacks - a pear, a banana, an orange, raspberries, grapes, 3 biscuits.

ImSoNotTelling Mon 09-Nov-09 18:20:31

Shreddies for brek

Lunch prawns (kind of by accident - she saw them in the fridge - so now I can't eat them) with a white buttered roll

supper hard boiled egg, some new pots with a bit of butter melted on, and salad of toms red pepper and cucumber

all washed down with a pint of whole milk.

Rollmops Mon 09-Nov-09 19:33:02

DTs have had today

Breakfast: Eggs Florentine, half of slice of homemade bread with touch of marmite each, 2 mandarins, water.

Lunch: lovely mince cooked with tomatoes, onions, sweet potatoes with mixed veggies, 2 apples

Dinner: DT1 porridge with milk, then raisins and sunflower seeds
DT2 couscous with tuna, mixed vegetables, seeds of all sorts, then raisins and sunflower seeds
Milk, water and occasional banana.
Pretty standard around here.

Eve4Walle Mon 09-Nov-09 19:40:41

DS is 22 months, so not quite two.

He had a banana and a slice of toast for breakfast.

For lunch, mini cocktail sausages, cheese and bread, followed by a satsuma.

For dinner, he ate with us and had Tarragon Chicken, roast potatoes, roast squash and carrots. He ate quite a bit at this meal.

Not too bad, but sometimes he eats a lot less than this.

Ewe Mon 09-Nov-09 19:44:36

Morning milk - 5oz

Breafast - half a bowl of cheerios and one slice of toast with jam

Lunch - Tuna fishcake (homemade), rice and veg. Ate all veg and most of the rice, picked at fish. Followed by yoghurt and raspberries.

Snack - couple of slices of cheese

Dinner - Pesto pasta with mozzarella, ate most of. Lemon and poppy seed cake.

Milk before bed about 4oz.

Pretty standard day but it can be very up and down, some days she barely eats anything and I really wonder where she gets the energy from!

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