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PinkyDink Sun 08-Nov-09 12:23:26

I am thinking of making some mini meringues but have never made meringue before blush, looking at a recipe looks very easy. Is this the case?

Also, how long do they keep for and how do I store them? I want to make them in advance, was planning on topping with a bit of cream and some strawberries/raspberries (I will leave this bit till the last minute to avoid them going soggy), is this the best flavour combination?

happysmiley Sun 08-Nov-09 20:09:02

We love meringues in this house and make them all the time. I find it's relatively easy, but my first time was a disaster because I didn't whisk the egg whites enough before adding sugar. Every other time has been fine. Use an electric whisk to whip up the egg whites and then add the sugar slowly and whisk as you add it. I put them in a hot over, turn the oven off after about half and hour and let them cool in the oven overnight so they are fairly gooey in the middle.

They keep for ages in an airtight container but put the whipped cream on just before you serve. Strawberries and raspberries are lovely but you can use almost any fruit that takes your fancy.

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