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Diabetic stuff help please...

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mumblecrumble Sat 07-Nov-09 08:36:41

oing to visit my Grandma on her birthday this monday who is my best foodie friend. We are both really into cooking and baking etc and usually cook for eachother as presents.

She has had a crappy few months [stupid cancer and my Grandad with Alzheimer's] and I really would like to take round some birthday tea. She's now diabetic and requires low fat and low sugar.

She has received lots of fruit and obvious stuff as gifts from being in hospital.

Any good recipes for birthday cake/treat items etc?

Ivykaty44 Sat 07-Nov-09 20:30:03

Oh that is lovely - sorry don't have any recipes though sad

Someone may be along soon with one - we hope smile

aarghhelp Sun 08-Nov-09 05:16:21

Fruit also can have a significant amount of sugar in, depending on what the fruit is.

Could savory treats like smoked salmon or even caviar be part of a birthday tea? I remember once serving quails eggs to a friend's elderly mum who was very amused by the foodie-ness and the treat!

Here are some recipes from Diabetes UK, some of them might be suitable for a birthday cake.

I do sympathise as my gran had diabetes and loved cooking/baking (she was just very naughty!)

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