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Peppermint creams anyone?

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marjoriedawessassy Fri 17-Jun-05 09:49:08

Want to make these with dd for fathers day, cos she wanted to make sweeties for daddy and these are easy. BUT I can't be sure how to do it! My recipe books are for the real thing with uncooked egg whites which I don't want to do so can you help me?
Icing sugar
hot water
peppermint essence

Is that it? What sort of quantities?


jangly Fri 17-Jun-05 09:52:33

Never made this recipe but its from an old trusted cookbook: 1lb icing sugar, 1 white of egg, few drops peppermint oil, 1 tablespoon water.

jangly Fri 17-Jun-05 09:54:14

Ah yes, egg white. Perhaps you can't do it without? (the white is safer than the yolk, and if you get lion stamped eggs?...)

Enid Fri 17-Jun-05 09:55:25

you cant do it without egg whites.

lion stamped eggs should be fine.

they need to dry for a day after making. When they are dry you can dip half into melted chocolate.

marjoriedawessassy Fri 17-Jun-05 09:55:57

Ta jangly, but I'd rather avoid egg white cos dd will eat more than her fair share.

I know we made them when I was in Brownies (MANY moons ago!) and there was no eggy stuff then.

Anyone else?

beansmum Fri 17-Jun-05 09:57:05

if you do it without egg it's just peppermint icing isn't it?

MandM Fri 17-Jun-05 10:01:00

Not sure if you can do them without egg whites. How about this for a really easy childrens' chocolate truffle recipe:

1 pack full fat philadelphia
4oz/100g Bourneville drinking chocolate
4oz/100g icing sugar

Beat all of the above together, adda few drops of milk or a little extra icing sugar if the mixture is too dry/soft. Spoon out of the bowl 1 teaspoon at a time, roll into a ball, then roll in chocolate strands/grated chocolate etc and place in a petit four case.

Sounds horrible, and doesn't look too pretty when you're making them, but kids love it and trust me, they taste divine

Pacific Fri 17-Jun-05 10:03:22

You can buy powdered egg white beside the home-baking stuff in most supermarkets. Make it up EXACTLY according to the instructions and use it in your standard recipe. It is perfectly safe, but really difficult to reconstitute. I think that using real peppermint oil instead of perrpermint flavouring or essence is nicer.

marjoriedawessassy Fri 17-Jun-05 10:05:04

MandM - bingo! they sound ace (and dd really wanted to do chocs for her dad so these will satisfy her more than pepp creams).

Ta for all others too.

MandM Fri 17-Jun-05 10:11:27

Glad to be of help. They look really pretty for a present if you get milk, dark and white chocolate to grate and roll them in, or buy the tubs of milk dark and white strands, so that each one is a bit different.

Be prepared for sticky hands and lots of fun! Enjoy!

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