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I've just dug up some jerusalem artichokes, ..

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meltedmarsbars Fri 06-Nov-09 13:06:34

now what shall I do with them? They look nice and fat and not to knobbly. This is the first time I have cooked them, so what do you recommend?

shallishanti Fri 06-Nov-09 13:09:34

they are nice roasted- scrub them, cut if huge, put in roasting tray with olive oil and some butter, plus lemon zest and thyme (thank you Nigel slater)
also in soup, with potatoes, creamed.
they do make you fart though!

meltedmarsbars Fri 06-Nov-09 13:17:55

Is that really true or a vegetable myth?

Is there anything salady I can do (pizza tonight so I was thinking os a side salad type thing?)

Or I can do the soup for tomorrow.

Terpsichore Fri 06-Nov-09 13:21:55

Sadly, it's true about the, erm, side-effects!

However, they are utterly delicious whizzed up into carrot-and-jerusalem artichoke soup. Made some yesterday and had it for dinner. Yum. It's wonderfully creamy and rich just made with the veg, an onion and some stock - no need for milk or cream.

meltedmarsbars Fri 06-Nov-09 13:24:43

Ok, will try the soup...

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