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Help!! Can I reheat stew in oven??

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wheresmypaddle Thu 05-Nov-09 15:00:34

This is a really silly one I know, but I am unfortunately not a natural in the kitchen. I made a stew last night which is for DP, DS and a few friends to eat after going to a firework display tonight.

I have put it in the fridge but would love to have it ready to eat when we come back from the fireworks. We will be out for about 1.5hours.

I would usually heat it on the hob (gas). But would love to put it in the oven just before we go on a low heat and have it ready as soon as we get in.

Can anyone tell me if they think this will work and not dry out / burn the stew and also suggest what temp to put it on?

wheresmypaddle Thu 05-Nov-09 15:46:48


TimeForMe Thu 05-Nov-09 16:22:29

I think it may dry out but it would depend how much liquid it has. Personally, I wouldn't risk it if I wasn't home to keep giving it s stir. Do you have a slow cooker? If you heat up the slow cooker and then heat the stew in a pan you can put it in the slow cooker to keep warm for your return.

overmydeadbody Thu 05-Nov-09 16:25:20

If it's in a pot with a lid on of course it won't dry out.

Just don't have the oven too high, 160C should do, or even 140C. If you're worried just add an extra cup of water before bunging it in the oven.

overmydeadbody Thu 05-Nov-09 16:27:28

An oven works perfectly well as a slow cooker actually, just set it to a low temp. Not rocket science.

TimeForMe Thu 05-Nov-09 17:34:06

Not my oven! It would still need a stir half way through to ensure the bits not immersed in the gravy weren't burning but maybe that's just my oven, it is very tempremental!!

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