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Left over puff pastry

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sheeplikessleep Thu 05-Nov-09 10:07:45

I've got a bit of puff pastry left and need some inspiration for my lunch!
Fridge contains mushrooms and creme fraiche amongst other things (leeks, carrots etc). Have also got cupboard staples too (tinned tuna?.
I think I've got 1 cube of frozen spinach too.
Any ready steady cook wannabes out there, can you help please?

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-Nov-09 10:10:07

I would make a thick white sauce and add the mushrooms and leeks, possibly the spinach.

Roll the pastry into a square and about 2cm from the edge score a line all around, as if you were creating a picture frame. Brush the pastry with an egg wash. Using a fork, prick the base of the inner square.

I'm not sure with puff pastry doing this if you'd need to cook it first - check in any cookery books you have.

Then put the sauce on the inner square and bake.

HTH - but check your cookery books first!

sheeplikessleep Thu 05-Nov-09 10:15:49

Thanks Because - I was thinking something along those lines. I'm thinking I could use the creme fraiche as the sauce part. Yum, I'm hungry now!!

As a beside, I've spotted before that you're a qual freelancer. I thought I'd say hi, as I am also a qual freelancer. Hope work is good for you at the moment?

Thanks again

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 05-Nov-09 10:19:19

Oh hello!

We've been manic since about July, but all has ground to a halt at the moment. I'm quite pleased for now, as I'm knackered, but inevitably starting to get worried about what's coming next!

Have just had a brief through - competitive of course - so keeping our fingers crossed for that one. How about you?

theyoungvisiter Thu 05-Nov-09 10:20:26

I think I would do as BIWI suggests but very slightly differently.

I would cook mushrooms, leeks, spinach etc in a little butter, add creme fraiche and perhaps a bit of grated cheese and/or a tsp of mustard if you have it.

Put hot sauce in a ramekin and put puff pastry on top.

Bake in the oven at 220 for 15 mins.

I think the middle would be a bit soggy if you put the filling on top, which would be a shame.

sheeplikessleep Thu 05-Nov-09 10:24:11

Because - things are steady for me at the moment, but I only work 2 days a week (but the summer was very busy and inevitably ended up working more days / weeekends). Most of my work is for 1 client, which is really good as I have a very good relationship with them, if not slightly risky! I'm off on maternity leave from March, so I'm hoping for a couple more projects before finishing.

Theyoungvisitor - that's a good idea, thank you (and does sometimes happen when I've made salmon en-croute before). Thanks for posting.

sheeplikessleep Thu 05-Nov-09 12:31:53

it's in oven and looks and smells delicious!
went for the pastry on top in the end, as i think the mushrooms were a bit past their best anyway, as were very watery when i fried them off!
thanks for posting

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