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what to cook for 9 people

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theladylovescupcakes Thu 05-Nov-09 08:31:04

having family over on sunday for my son's birthday. not enough space to sit everyone round the table so planning to do a buffet style, help yourself food table.

thought about lasagne, wedges, garlic bread, etc, but that's a bit boring.

Can anyone suggest anything more exciting? Thanks in advance.

thereistheball Thu 05-Nov-09 08:52:48

Do a stew with baked potatoes or crusty bread? There are hundreds of recipes about, no need to faff around with separate veg, and v easy if you have a slow cooker (or even if not).

MrsJamin Thu 05-Nov-09 09:01:49

I'd do baked potatoes with different fillings, like TITB suggests. Could do a stew, chilli, baked beans, cheese, salad on side- all reusable if you have leftovers and easy to prepare in advance so you don't have to faff too much on the day.

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