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can you feed a toddler too many tomatoes?

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titferbrains Wed 04-Nov-09 12:40:23

She has at least 2 normal size tomatoes a day. She adores them and would eat more if I gave them to her. She's 15mo and hasn't pooed in 3 days and I'm worried it's the toms. She has a big range of foods,, meat, pasta, peas, toms, ham, custard, yogurt, blueberries, apple, beans, veg in ratatouille etc. Normally poos once a day. Am now dreading the big blow out.

artifarti Wed 04-Nov-09 12:57:04

Hi titfer smile I doubt it's the toms, though I'm no expert. My DS (similar age!) eats a huge banana every day without fail, which are well known for their ahem blocking effects but it's never been a problem for him. She sounds like she's getting lots of fruit and veg and other foods as well. Has she had any medicines or anything recently that could have thrown her system? If not, it's probably just a one-off...but I'd be steering well clear when the obvious does happen! You could try her with some orange or prune juice perhaps?

titferbrains Wed 04-Nov-09 13:03:45

yikes just had a bit of straining so I should be grateful I chose brown trousers today.

Have you tried DS on thick soup? Really want her to eat something spoonable - she is eating custard and yogurt ok and occasionally I "help" her eat by spooning bits in but mostly that makes her quite cross unless she's really enjoying it.

Am planning to try her on some tomato soup. Will be sure to dress her in red.

How are things btw? Feeling very tired and fed up here, but off out tmw night AND friday so that will be lovely!!!!

artifarti Wed 04-Nov-09 13:10:15

No we haven't tried soup. He insists on trying to feed himself (makes a very funny stroppy face if I try and take the spoon!) but then gives up after about 20 seconds (typical male!) He's getting better at porridge and things like mashed potato though. I keep meaning to get one of those pelican bibs and turn my back...

All okay here although I have the lurgy and so am off work. Are you coming out tomorrow? Hopefully I will feel better and hope to see you.

Good luck with the straining haha.

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