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Totally local and seasonal Christmas recipes sought

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LocalFoodie Tue 03-Nov-09 16:49:13

Hello, Please help... I'm trying to come up with a totally locally sourced and seasonal, but exciting 3 course Christmas meal plan for vegetarians and meat eaters... the middle bit, the Roast Turkey/Chicken or Duck with all the trimmings is the easy bit... but the chestnuts on our market come from China! Or I can buy them from our local supermarket (which I'm trying to avoid) but they come from Italy... Aghh

Wine, cinnamon, oranges and dried raisons are obviously all out....

So far all I've found is:

Parsnip and apple soup
Mushrooms stuffed with walnuts (not sure about the walnuts though unless you've already collected them)

The Traditional Roast
Chestnut pie... hmmm?

Poached pears in red wine... eek
Ice cream

Lizzylou Wed 04-Nov-09 10:57:37

Do you have any local farmers markets?
They can be hit and miss, the smaller the better ime. We go to a large Family day out one in a town about 25miles away every year, mainly for the Turkish delight and Greek olives grin!
Local Farm shops?

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