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Baking a Cheesecake HELP, Quick

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PlumBumMum Sat 31-Oct-09 11:23:05

Ok timer has went off but cheesecake still very wobbly looking eve though surface is cooked, anyway I can test???

Always do fridge ones, this is my first baked one, help please

PlumBumMum Sat 31-Oct-09 11:29:40

Anybody as its still in the oven, I'm waiting on some devine inspiration

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 31-Oct-09 11:33:49

no sure about testing, but what temp/how long did you do it? i have a never failed me recipe that has v complicated cooking instructions including leaving cake in switched off oven for at least an hour.

stakethroughtheheartofgold Sat 31-Oct-09 11:35:41

my battery's about to go so compare your cooking instructions with these:

gas 4 15mins
gas 2 45mins
then you add extra stuff on top
gas 2 15mins
switch off oven but don't open door, leave pref overnight.

hth a bit?

ellipsis Sat 31-Oct-09 11:35:51

hey, snap! I've just put a cheesecake in the oven

My recipe says to turn the oven off when the top is still wobbly but not runny and to leave it in the oven for 15 minutes.

somewhathorrified Sat 31-Oct-09 11:38:56

Last time I baked a cheesecake I didn't realise it was supposed to come out when wobbly and baked it til it no longer wobbled...approx 5 hrs blush! Since found out that it's supposed to come out wobbly and it continues to cook on its own...just do what the recipe says and see how it works, you can always put it back in for a bit later on, yes?

PlumBumMum Sat 31-Oct-09 11:39:03

130 fan for 45 now 55

PlumBumMum Sat 31-Oct-09 11:40:30

just checked again still wobbly, but sides have risenhmm
will turn oven off now[eek]

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