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frozen sausages

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stilletoe Fri 30-Oct-09 16:07:48

How can I freeze sausages and then take them out to use 1 or 2 at time, without them all sticking together. I have had terrible trouble separating them in the past and have ended up having to defrost more than I need, as I have not been able to separate them.

Anifrangapani Fri 30-Oct-09 16:08:41

Freeze them on a tray first then put them in a bag. That way they won't stick together.

StirlingNeedsAScaryName Fri 30-Oct-09 18:49:31

What Anifran says - I do this with homemade meatballs too - spread them out so they dont touch and then, once frozen, put them in a sealable bag and you can get them out one at a time smile

stilletoe Sun 01-Nov-09 13:01:57

Thanks both for this, good idea, will do.

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