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Christmas dinner. Yes, I know it's October but....

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monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 16:48:34

I love cooking & cook a nice meal from scratch at least 5 times a week as well as all our bread, biscuits, etc. Last year was our first Christmas alone with dd and I'd planned a lovely meal but somehow (dd was only 6 months & not sleeping) forgot to buy lots of things including any dessert. It was great as I remembered wine but to say we eat well every day one of the most special meals of the year was distinctly unspecial.

This year I want a magnificient spread. We want to order our meat now from the organic butcher so I've started wondering what to make. 3 or 4 courses. No turkey. We like strong flavours and love almost everything from seafood (my fave) to salami. Anyone?

pooexplosions Wed 28-Oct-09 19:11:10

is it for 2 adults plus a toddler? or a larger number of people, as that would make a big difference to menu.
Assuming its the former my personal tastes would be canapes with drinks, then something seafoody like lobster or king prawns, maybe in some sort of modern cocktail (thinking Marco PW langoustine cocktail as opposed to 70's style shrimp in jar sauce), then maybe duck with many accompaniments and something decadent for dessert, a rich choc thing or a poshed up pavlova maybe, then a cheeseboard/grapes/chutneys/ with port.

Thats just off the top of my head though. I'll be having turkey and ham at the inlaws though as usual, so what do I know? grin envy

monkeysmama Wed 28-Oct-09 20:36:28

Yes, pooexplosions, for 2 and a toddler. Might have a look on line at MPW's cocktail. I make a mean pannacotta and could get some nice fruit to go with or I once made some chocolate mousses which were very rich but to die for with polenta biscuits. Could be nice.

I've never cooked duck. Is it hard to cook nicely?

Thanks very much. Good ideas!

minervaitalica Thu 29-Oct-09 15:34:23

Morning nibbles would be almonds with sweet paprika, perhaps maybe some warm pittas with avocado and pomegranate salsa? Lots of fizzy stuff

Starter... Perhaps some marinated salmon, or grilled langoustines with hazelnut butter. A goat's cheese souffle. Or a smoked salmon souffle.

Hmmm, I would then make some fillet/sirloin of beef covered in an aromatic peppery crust. Roasties and caramelised red cabbage.

A chocolate log made with Fondant Lindt chocolates. An orange or berry sponge pudding with real custard. A parfait made with vin santo and an almondy biscuit sauce. Chestnut and chocolate anything...

Smelly cheeseboard

monkeysmama Thu 29-Oct-09 18:52:09

That's made my mouth water. Hazelnut butter sounds divine. I love souffles but have never attempted one. Do you have a good recipe?

Thank you very much.


minervaitalica Fri 30-Oct-09 06:36:04

The easiest recipe I have is below: (my first souffle', and one that has never failed me)

I used goats cheese instead of cheddar, but you can use any cheese you like really.
It's a good recipe as you can pre-cook the souffles, and then finish them off just a few mins before serving.

monkeysmama Fri 30-Oct-09 21:16:53

I am going to try it next weekend. Thanks very much.

Dp says he fancies rib of beef and some nice gammon.

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