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those of you who are making sweets biscuits ect as Xmas pressies

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mothersmilk Mon 26-Oct-09 11:04:37

how do you package them and were can i buy the stuff to do it? preferably online, as im planning to do this with my little and not so little ones this year instead of going bankrupt buying pointless rubbish for everyone
many thanks

notamumyetbutoneday Mon 26-Oct-09 11:36:51

lakeland do cellophane wrappers I think, sure thats where people on here have bought them before.

stressedHEmum Mon 26-Oct-09 13:08:37

Lakeland have a whole load of different wrapping things. I buy quite a lot from also, if you look on Ebay, there are usually loads of things like cellophane bags, wrappers and things.

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