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Food for an informal lunch

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lisbey Sun 25-Oct-09 17:19:35

I friend and I are taking our DCs to an event in a seaside town c. 1 hour from my house in half-term.

Friend will work in the morning, collect his DS from grandparents' and meet at my house c. 1pm. I have said I'll do lunch, as he'll be rushing about that morning.

So what would you give them - He's a fussy eating man, nothing fussy, nothing green, his DS will eat most things except veg, my DS1 ( and I) will eat anything, DS2 eats no, dairy, eggs or potatoes and nothing "messy" but TBH he's such a fussy eater with a minute appetite, that I take a take it or leave it attitude with him.

I want to do something simple, with enough effort to look hospitable, but not that taken all morning, or that looks like I've tried too hard.

I'd like it to be a reasonably balanced meal, but with a nod towards holiday treats.

overmydeadbody Sun 25-Oct-09 17:22:58

Soup and bread

or sandwiches

or wraps

or homemade burgers

or cornish pasties

or humous and tramasalata and cold meats and pitta bread and salad

or pizza

overmydeadbody Sun 25-Oct-09 17:24:14

and have a few bowls of crisps too and some nice juice and muffins for pudding.

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