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Hi I want to make super pretty fairy cakes with swirly icing for DDs bday party but have never done before pls help!

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Jujubean77 Sun 25-Oct-09 15:14:17

I have a nice v basic recipe for a banana sponge cake which I make as a large cake - can I just adapt this to smaller fairy cakes?

I also have some powered icing (Tate and Lyle) decorations and an "icing set" thing with a funnel and various tips. I would like the swirly effect but have no clue basically...

Thanks for your help - I need it

Buntytea Sun 25-Oct-09 15:21:28

I don't see why the sponge cake recipe won't work in smaller cases, but obviously remember that they will require less cooking time! Also, if you are hoping to get the fairy cakes nice and flat so they are easier to decorate, keep the oven fairly cool so they don't peak up.

When you say the swirly effect.... do you mean like piped icing into a peak? For this, you will need buttercream, which you can add food colouring to, and then put it into the piping bag and pipe it round with the nozzle. Might be worth getting the hang of the piping by practising onto pieces of kitchen roll first!


Jujubean77 Sun 25-Oct-09 15:27:05

Great thanks. Yes that's what I've got - a piping set. How do I make buttercream icing - can I do with the powdered kind I have bought already?

teameric Sun 25-Oct-09 15:27:46

you can also get icing already in the tube by silverspoon cakecraft (got mine at sainsburys)
comes in all different colours and has different nozzles so you can make different patterns

mwahahahamwahahahallyroger Sun 25-Oct-09 15:34:10

ok, get soft butter, add icing sugar, smooth together with a fork until it starts to meld, add splash of milk. Add drop of food colouring.

ready to bung in icing bag.

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