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Elmlea instead of cream in soup and pumpkin pie

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FlamingoBingo Sun 25-Oct-09 09:38:34

DH went out to buy me cream. They had none so he asked the shop assistant if elmlea was 'real' cream - she said yes hmm. So he bought some.

Will it be an ok substitute in my pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie recipes I'm making today?

Or do I need to go out and buy some real cream?

FlamingoBingo Sun 25-Oct-09 09:49:12

Anyone? I need to get cooking soon!

Cies Sun 25-Oct-09 10:04:11

I'd say so. Isn't it just UHT cream? Or is it proper fake stuff? I'm sure it'll work out ok.

gorionine Sun 25-Oct-09 10:07:32

Flamingo bingo please do not use it! I have put it I a curry a couple of weeks ago and it left an soapy after taste. I might have got a "bad batch" one but I would hate for you to ruin a good pumpkin soup!

StirlingNeedsAHoliday Sun 25-Oct-09 10:09:06

I think it is also high in the dangerous fats - cant remember what they are called.

FlamingoBingo Sun 25-Oct-09 10:09:21

oh poo, gorionine sad

Grr! Right, will have to see if I can drag all the children out now DH has gone to work.

SimonHowl Sun 25-Oct-09 10:14:58

my cat hmm will testify thta he often has to make do with elmlea which he regards as rather infradig.
I use it and it never tastes any diffo incooking( and doesnt go off) so great for carbonara etc

SimonHowl Sun 25-Oct-09 10:15:18

and i ma pretty fussy about things like that normally

FabioExtremeAngler Sun 25-Oct-09 10:21:29




'Make do' with Elmlea, make do?

Chance would be a fine thing.
If my dairy needs were met I wouldn't have to abduct fish.
I'm sending m'brother to sit on the salami again until you get some proppa spooning double extra whippin' cream.

SimonHowl Sun 25-Oct-09 12:52:41

god your memory is good. that was so funny

FabioExtremeAngler Sun 25-Oct-09 15:24:02

I keep notes in m'Book Of Accusation And Retribution dontcha know.
Hey! remember that funny funny time when you kept me in a cage?

Trikken Sun 25-Oct-09 15:31:18

I use Elmlea in differnt things, even curries but it has never tasted soapy.

SimonHowl Sun 25-Oct-09 18:28:56

hwo was it?

Trikken Mon 26-Oct-09 08:25:47

fine, just tasted creamy. I would use real cream but i dont plan my meals and elmlea tends to have longer dates, so doesnt matter if i dont need it right away.

itchyandscratchy Mon 26-Oct-09 08:28:37

Have you got any philadelphia? Have used that before instead of cream in pumpkin or squash soup and it tasted lovely.

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