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ive got chicken and vegs

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biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 16:46:32

what do i do with them or what do i put on chicken?


spykid Mon 13-Jun-05 16:47:26

chicken fillets, or whole chicken?

misdee Mon 13-Jun-05 16:48:19

what kinda veg?

biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 16:48:19

chicken fillets

biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 16:50:48

savoy cabbage, mini sweetcorn, asparagus, carrots, and fine beans! (sort of runner beans)

mrspink27 Mon 13-Jun-05 16:51:26

stir fry?

soapbox Mon 13-Jun-05 16:54:52

Chicken parcels - get big piece of foil, lightly butter, place chicken on foil and pile veg on top, season well add some herbs if you have any. Wrap up the parcels by folding over the edges at least 3 times all the way around. Cook in the oven (180 degrees) for 30 mins or so.

You can put the potatoes in as well as long as you cut them into smallish chunks.

biglips Mon 13-Jun-05 17:04:25

thanks everyone. ill do soapbox idea today and mrspink27 tmrw -

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