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Help! Out of control!

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viennesewhirl Tue 20-Oct-09 20:32:45

I'm skinny (always have been) and am in the habit of eating whatever I like. We eat healthily at home, and I cook every night for 4yo and me (dh usually works late). Breakfast is always muesli, yogurt, fruit etc.

I eat big portions of everything but am still ALWAYS hungry inbetween meals and eat tons of crap - whatever's quickest and offers the most immediate satisfaction - usually biscuits, chocolate etc. I'm starting to disgust myself because I'm buying this crap and I'm the only one eating it - and I can see how much I'm getting through.

So - not worried about weight (actually want to put weight on) but am concerned about health and also this addictive behaviour (I tell myself I won't buy any biscuits, then do, then eat the whole packet in a day).

Can you suggest healthy, filling snacks that taste good??

somewhathorrified Tue 20-Oct-09 21:13:56

Try bread and houmous, pitta and salsa that type of thing. If you want sweet stuff a granola type flapjack using nuts and honey.

BlueChampagne Wed 21-Oct-09 13:43:51

Might it be worth mentioning to your Doctor?

eyetunes Wed 21-Oct-09 13:47:18

I used to be the same as you. Eat exactly what i like all day every day. I hit 44 and whoosh stuck on 10 pounds in a few weeks which has not shifted and i have to be careful now.

Just a word of warnign, that the weight issue usually catches up with you in the end.

viennesewhirl Wed 21-Oct-09 14:24:21

Thanks. I'm 40 and still only 7.5 stone, though I'm bf'ing 7mo, which obviously burns up more calories. I'm aware my metabolism will slow down at some point and will cross that bridge when I get to it! Want to deal with my bad snack habits first...

mathanxiety Wed 21-Oct-09 18:10:59

Yes, it will pay to get good habits as you get older. Try a bit more protein than all those carbs, fruit, etc., and go for protein-y snacks like nuts, or something with a bit of nutrition like yogurt or cheese for snacks. You should be paying attention to your calcium intake and doing weight-bearing exercise for your bones and teeth, especially if you're bfing.

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