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Cake novice here! Any tips for a 16th bday cake?

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Haylstones Sun 18-Oct-09 10:03:14

I'm a bit of a cake novice, have made a few over the years but am still learning. I've promised to make my sister a 'special' cake for her 16th but am stuck for motivation...

She's a typical 16 year old, into clothes, make up and her laptop. I had thought of trying to make a laptop cake but no idea where to start- how would I make the keys and make the back stick up?!

Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated smile

luciemule Sun 18-Oct-09 18:32:43

My 16th cake was very special and I really wanted a 'grown up' cake so that's what I got. A shop in a nearby town bought in Raymond Blanc cakes and so we ordered a fresh strawberries and cream one. It looked amazing; really pretty and very sophisticated for a 16 yr old girl.

Going with the laptop idea, kids cakes based on the DS, have a cake base and keyboard with a cardboard back piece, made to blend with the keyboard. Sounds tricky to make though. If she doesn't mind you not making it, you could buy her a really pretty special occasion cake.

janeite Sun 18-Oct-09 18:44:55

I think a laptop may be a bit tricky, if you're a bit of a novice (as am I!). How about making a big square cake covered in fondant icing then wrapped with a huge bow to look like a parcel? White icing and a huge black bow could look quite stylish and fashiony in a Coco Chanel or Mary Quant kind of way maybe?!

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Sun 18-Oct-09 18:55:18

Hmm, thinking about my 16 yr old niece I don't think she'd really like a novelty cake as it's not "cool" (at that precise age, I mean, when they're trying to feel grown up. I think they become cool again when they get to university!) obviously you know your sister best, though.

Personally I'd go with what other posters said, just a beautiful special cake. Wow look at this one! Fiddly though

overmydeadbody Mon 19-Oct-09 12:17:26

I recommend you concentrate on making the actual cake really special and nice, rather than focussing on novelty icing to make it look like a laptop or anything.

Somethgin like a gateaux made of ix layers sandwitched between chocolate ganache, with three layers made of sponge and three layers made of meringue.

overmydeadbody Mon 19-Oct-09 12:18:13

If you are going to invest time in making a cake, make it taste nice, rather than focussing on making it look nice! That's my advice.

overmydeadbody Mon 19-Oct-09 12:29:20

something like this?

Haylstones Mon 19-Oct-09 13:39:24

Thanks for the tips. I do make a nice sponge actually, even if I do say so myself grin so it'll def tasste nice!

I;m thinking maybe it would be better to make something really pretty, kind of a mini wedding cake- she loves eveything pink, flowers, butterflies etc.

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