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Angel Delight - any healthier equivalents?

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extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 16-Oct-09 14:42:41

Recently bought Angel Deligh for the first time in years and was transported back to my childhood. LOVE that you can just add milk and it's ready 5 minutes later. Just wondering if there's a healthier equivalent without all the tetrasodium diphosphate etc. TIA

ComeOveneer Fri 16-Oct-09 14:44:51

whipped double cream, fold in same quantity of greek yoghurt then a few table spoons of fruit curd.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 16-Oct-09 14:51:24

Thanks ComeOveneer - sounds gorgeous - natural though I'm not sure healthier!

overmydeadbody Fri 16-Oct-09 20:24:57

depends if you mean healthy as in "no artificual ingreidnts" or healthy as in "I'm on a diet I need less calories"

I'd say greek yoghurt drizzled with honey is nicer than angel delight, or yoghurt with fruit compote. Or ice cream.

Or whipped cream and fruit

or whipped egg whites and cream and fruit.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Mon 19-Oct-09 23:02:11

Thanks for your suggestions - you are right, overmydeadbody, I did mean healthy in both senses but didn't specify. I'm looking for an organic powder mix I can add to milk I guess - not sure the market is flooded with such products.

Katymac Mon 19-Oct-09 23:11:01

If you find one - do post it here

I want a healthier version too

The only mousses I know have raw egg in or are full or artificials

extremelychocolateymilkroll Wed 21-Oct-09 14:25:49

No luck so far - maybe we need to lobby food companies?? There must surely be more demand than just the two of us.

MrsBadger Wed 21-Oct-09 14:59:47

jelly mousse ticks a few of those boxes, and organic no-crap jelly is easier to find than organic angel delight. Not a 5min job though as it needs to set.

However, following on from that, you can whip evaporated milk to a fluffy moussey texture quite well so long as it is chilled when you start, then fold in fruit compote. Less fatty than cream, less crap than angel delight.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Thu 22-Oct-09 14:27:56

Thanks MrsBadger - will give that a go. I think I'm on the hunt for ways to up my calcium content as I'm pregnant and don't drink milk. Have just tried Nesquik and it's lovely but again not sure how natural and healthy it is.

MrsBadger Fri 23-Oct-09 08:48:41

no nesquik is full of crap I'm afraid
you can get hippy better versions though - Waitrose stock a good range iirc.

NB if you have been diagnosed with low calcium it may be because you're not getting enough vitD as you need one to absorb the other effectively.

tbh just eating yoghurt is easier than any of the recipes mentioned

GrimmaTheNome Fri 23-Oct-09 08:59:26

This may not be exactly what you're craving, and its not instant, but baked custard is very easy and healthy and milky. Just warm 1/2pt milk (with a bit of lemon peel or vanilla if you want) - dont boil. mix into 2 lightly whipped eggs. Add a little sugar (only about 1/4 oz) or some other sweetener. Strain into small ovenproof dishes (large ramekins or teacups),dust with nutmeg if you want, bake at 175 stood in a tray of water for 45 mins, cool.

I did it for the first time last night and it was very nice. I used skimmed milk (all we had), I guess fattier milk would be even nicer but not necessary.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 23-Oct-09 13:47:19

Thanks MrsBadger - shame about Nesquik! Do you know what the other versions in Waitrose are called?

Thanks Grimma - sounds great. Will give that a go.

MrsBadger Fri 23-Oct-09 20:57:34

in my mind they're from Clipper - you know, the fairtrade tea people - in round cardboard cannisters...

extremelychocolateymilkroll Fri 23-Oct-09 22:47:06

Thanks MrsBadger - will check this out.

timberwolf Fri 23-Oct-09 22:59:36

The Provamel soya caramel desert is similar to butterscotch angel delight.

giddykipper Fri 23-Oct-09 23:03:18

DS's nursery make jelly with milk, which sounds quite appealing but I have never tried it myself.

PrettyCandles Fri 23-Oct-09 23:07:19

Alpro soya is fab, and straight out of a carton. Possibly even calcium fortified?

Provamel (? I think. Poss Alpro?) soya puddings also fab, and come in individual portions. Vanilla (which is very custardy) and chocolate are my faves, but there are also caramel and dark chocolate flavours. They're definitely calcium fortified, so you don't even need to add milk.

You can make jelly with milk. Just dissolve jelly in minimum amount of water, then make up with milk. But that takes forward planning.

extremelychocolateymilkroll Tue 27-Oct-09 14:17:43

Thanks timber, giddy and Pretty.

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