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What would you do with these ingredients?

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scaryclaireyboo Thu 15-Oct-09 13:06:11

Off on holiday early Saturday morning and will have the following left to use up on Friday night:

3 starting to sprout potatoes, 4 carrots, 3 tomatoes, onion, garlic, cheddar cheese, 1/3 tub sour cream.

I thought of soup (with sour cream and grated cheese on top) but MNers always seem to come up with things I'd never have thought of so any more inventive ideas?

Also have all normal cupboard ingredients.

paisleyleaf Thu 15-Oct-09 13:11:38 might come up with some good ideas too.

hairtwiddler Thu 15-Oct-09 13:15:26

Maybe some kind of veg chilli with flatbreads?
flatbread recipie here
I thought of soup too first though... would probably make a sort of minestrone.

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 15-Oct-09 14:44:11

te potatoes, garlic, onion, sour cream and cheese could be used to make a kind of dauphinoise, served with grilled tomatoes on the side? Not sure abot the carrots though!

MrsBadger Thu 15-Oct-09 14:46:54

get eggs and make frittata

Sunshinemummified Thu 15-Oct-09 14:47:17

I'd make a veggie curry. You could do a dip with nachos as a snack beforehand with the cheese and sour cream.

overmydeadbody Thu 15-Oct-09 14:52:10

Roast all the veg together and top with grated cheese then melt under the grill. Serve with sour cream on the side.

Or cook all the veg, frying the onion and garlic, make a cheese sauce, put all the veg in a dish, cover with the cheese sauce, put under the grill to brown, and serve (like cauliflower cheese) with plain rice.

overmydeadbody Thu 15-Oct-09 14:53:18

You could do a nice dry vegetable curry, google a recipe for Bombay potatoes and then instead of just using potatoes, use all the veg you have.

scaryclaireyboo Thu 15-Oct-09 15:47:02

Ooh lots of options now! I like to have a choice of what to cook, can choose according to mood then. Thanks everyone smile

30andLurking Thu 15-Oct-09 15:55:38

Spicy potato wedges??

Chop the spuds into wedge shapes and roast in oil with some paprika, then make a salsa by cooking down the diced carrots, toms, garlic, onion and a good wodge of chilli and/or cayenne. And maybe Lea & Perrins, because it makes everything better! Lob over the spuds with grated cheese for 2 mins at the end of cooking. Serve the sour cream at the end.

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