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What is your favourite summertime meal?

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teeavee Sat 11-Jun-05 12:33:18

Folloit's lovely weather here, I'm really looking forward to having one of my favourite summer meals tonight - pasta with home-made pesto - I always add cubes of potato to the pasta, as well as fresh peas and some feta ----YUM YUMMMM

what do all of you like to cook in summer?

Fran1 Sat 11-Jun-05 12:40:45

Hot potato salad and cold meats. with delicious homemade vinagerette. mmmmmmmmm

Ameriscot2005 Sat 11-Jun-05 12:44:34

We go through an alarming amount of salmon - main way of cooking is to marinade it in soy sauce and grill on the BBQ.

collision Sat 11-Jun-05 13:40:44

tomato and mozzarella with rocket and homemade focaccia, glass rose kids....bliss!

anorak Sat 11-Jun-05 14:07:51

tapas and them.

snafu Sat 11-Jun-05 14:11:45

A big pile of grilled asparagus with butter, tomato salad, crusty bread, very chilled white wine. Although asparagus season is over now so it's really a late-spring meal!

jambo1707 Sat 11-Jun-05 14:15:58

salads and baked pots for me yummy

an I ask what are tapas this could be another interesting food for the family

helsi Sat 11-Jun-05 14:16:54

I love a good bar-be-que if the weather permits. I like out of the ordinary things to be put on it too. I like a nice salad and home made bread to go with it.

anorak Sat 11-Jun-05 14:24:43

tapas - yummy Spanish food. The idea is the dishes are small - starter size really. You have a selection and share them. You just nibble at them while you have your wine. Some examples:

grilled fish
prawns in chilli or garlic
white fish cooked with haricot beans
scallops with rice
chorizo fried with potato chunks
fried whitebait
garlic bread
sliced manchego cheese
warm almonds toasted in oil

etc etc etc


jambo1707 Sat 11-Jun-05 14:26:38

could give tapas a bash sound tasty

Gobbledigook Sat 11-Jun-05 14:27:22

Chicken caesar salad with bacon in it too - this is our fav at the moment!

teeavee Sat 11-Jun-05 14:47:38

MMMMMMMMMMM - love your tapas list, anorak

another fave is tabbouleh - bulghur with loads of parsley, mint, lemon juice, olive oil, cucumber, spring onion, baby tomatoes.
Gorgeous with barbecued meat+fish, cheap too

have to say that jacket potatoes + salad always hits the spot too

Prufrock Sat 11-Jun-05 20:18:04

Tabbouleh as well, especially leftovers next day stuffed into a warm pitta.
Pitta, houmous, pine nuts, roasted peppers (waitrose cooks ones in a jar with oil) and diced lamb scraps cooked to a crisp and doused in lemon juice.

ambrosia Sat 11-Jun-05 20:24:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roisin Sat 11-Jun-05 20:34:27

Collision - I'm with you.
Tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil with some scrummy bread.

expatinscotland Sat 11-Jun-05 20:37:44

Chicken curry salad on a baguette with rocket salad.

Kidney beans, green beans, red onion and cannellini beans marinated in vinaigrette with couscous.

My black-eye pea salad with bacon and sourdough bread.

All washed down with white wine.

happymerryberries Sat 11-Jun-05 20:39:27

Salmon and grilled asparagus with parmasan

collision Tue 14-Jun-05 08:02:52

The tapas list reminds me of a holiday in Spain with my parents and my father ordered one of each of the tapas off the menu. He didnt realise there were 2 hot and cold....and the food didnt stop coming!!! Lunch took about 4 hours to eat!! It was great.

dizzydo Tue 14-Jun-05 13:39:36

Really good Butcher's sausages cooked on the
Barbque and squid marinated in olive oil and red chilles cooked on the bar-b (you want them hole - make sure you dont buy the rings

beansmum Tue 14-Jun-05 13:41:16

grilled chicken with tons of pepper, served with a baby spinach, goats cheese and tomato salad.

chipmonkey Tue 14-Jun-05 13:45:17

Jamaican Jerk Chicken cooked on the barbeque with potato salad, with French dressing AND mayo, sundried tomato salad and lots of wine!

dizzydo Tue 14-Jun-05 13:50:48

Chipmonkey - will you share your receipe for Jamican jerk chicken please

crunchie Tue 14-Jun-05 13:54:46

Nigella's Ultimate Greek Salad and BBQ (big portobello mushrooms and corn on teh cob for me, greek chicken for dh) and lots of ice cold white wine.

MandM Tue 14-Jun-05 14:00:57

Everything already mentioned on this thread...all served with olives, fresh bread and roasted garlic mayo!!! Followed by a huge fresh fruit salad - strawberies, raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, grapes, melon, starfruit, lychees, peaches...yum,yum!

chipmonkey Tue 14-Jun-05 16:41:37

Dizzydo, Jamaican Jerk Chicken

I half this recipe if its just our family!


2 cups finely chopped scallions
2 scotch bonnet or habanero chillies, seeded and minced
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp fresh lime juice (usually 1 lime is enough)
5 tsp ground allspice
3 tsp english-style dry mustard
2 bay leaves, centre ribs discarded and the leaves crumbled
2 garlic cloves crushed
1 tbsp salt
2 tsp sugar
1 1/2 tsp dried thyme crumbled
1 tsp cinnamon

5 lbs chicken parts, wing tips discarded
vegetable oil for brushing the grill

In a food processor or blender puree the scallion, chillies, soy sauce, lime juice, allspice, mustard, bay leaves, garlic, salt, sugar, thyme and cinnamon. Divide the chicken parts between2 heavy-duty resealable plastic bags and spoon the marinade over them, coating them well. Seal the bags, pressing out the excess air and let the chicken marinate, chilled, turning the bags over several times for at lest 24 hoursand up to 2 days. On an oiled rack set 4-6 inches over glowing coals grill the chicken in batches if necessary and covered if possible for 10-15 min on each side or till cooked through. Transfer the chicken as it is cooked to a heated platter, keep it warm, covered loosely under foil.

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