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Vegan puddings

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Limelight Tue 13-Oct-09 10:05:33

Friends of my husband are coming round to dinner on Thursday and one of them is vegan. I'll admit to being a bit ignorant of a world without eggs and butter when it comes to pud.

Can anyone give me some help? I had thought about trying to use tofu in some way? I know there are Japanese puddings that use tofu.

Honestly - completely clueless!!

sarah293 Tue 13-Oct-09 10:06:59

Message withdrawn

TheArmadillo Tue 13-Oct-09 10:19:26

You can replicate standard puddings by just switching the butter/milk/cream/ice cream for the dairy free substitutes. Just watch out for anything with eggs/honey in. I often do swedish glace ice cream substitute (very good and available in supermarkets) with a homemade fruit coulis.

This is what I do - the soya ones are the best. (am not vegan but don't eat dairy). Going out to eat is a pain though as all puddings in pubs/resturants have dairy in hmm

julienoshoes Tue 13-Oct-09 14:14:55

This vegan carrot cake is divine.
I made it on Saturday (and I am no baker-usually leave it to my daughters) and a friend who is a really good vegan cook was in raptures

Limelight Tue 13-Oct-09 18:22:27

Thanks everyone. That carrot cake looks lovely!

Figured out what I'm going to do - a friend reminded me I can poach pears. Why didn't that dawn on me before?!!

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