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Help - my homemade yoghurt has an unusual consistency - is it safe?

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mrsmeeps Mon 12-Oct-09 09:44:23

I have been making my own yoghurt for about a month or so, so am a relative newcomer to the art!
This is how i do it:

Whisk milk with milk powder.
Heat to 85 degrees C
Cool to 46 degrees C
Whisk in a few tbsps natural bio yoghurt
Pour into a warmed thermos
Leave overnight

As if by magic I have a thermos full of yoghurt in the morning. grin

This morning however, my yoghurt has an unusual consistency - it seems sort of stretchy - when I poured it from the thermos it looked a bit like I was pouring out PVA glue....

It tastes and smells normal, but one of my primary yoghurt consumers is my 7mo DD, and I really don't want to risk poisoning her!

Does anyone know what is happening here?

Thanks smile

ArrietyClock Mon 12-Oct-09 09:54:44

Sounds fine to me. Or at least my Mum's used to come out like this, and we are still here to tell the tale. I think it's something to do with the bacteria that make the yoghurt, 'holding hands' to form long chains, hence the stretchy, stringy look.

QuintessentialShadowsOfDoom Mon 12-Oct-09 09:57:07

I cannot advice.

You eat your youghurt warm from a thermos flask??? <incredulous look>


sorry blush

Ivykaty44 Mon 12-Oct-09 09:59:57

Can you tell me more - as I want to have a go at making some yogurt?

Milk powder? flavouring?

mrsmeeps Mon 12-Oct-09 10:21:02

QuintessentialShadow - grin No I don't eat it warm from the thermos - I decant it into a tupperware and then put it into the fridge and consume as a normal yoghur eater would! The image of supping it warm from the thermos has made me chuckle though.

Thanks ArrietyClock for the reassurance - was only worried because it doesn't usually look like this, but did use a different milk than usual.

Ivykaty44 - some more detail for you.

I use a 500ml thermos to make the yoghurt so my measurements are to fit that.

450ml milk (have used full fat, skimmed and lactofree all to good effect)

25g milk powder (makes a thicker yoghurt)

3tbsp natural bio yogurt ( I buy a pot and make freeze it in an ice cube tray - a small pot makes 4 batches of yoghurt in total)

Whisk the milk and milk powder together - heat in a pan till just starting to boil around the edges - about 84 degrees C

Then leave to cool to about 46 degrees C

Whisk in the melted yoghurt cubes / yoghurt

Pour into a warmed thermos (I fill with boiling water and then pour away at the last minute).

Leave for a minimum of 6 hours.

Its ready!

I have also added vanilla essence before boiling, and if having as a pudding mix with home made stewed fruit or tinned fruit.

Its yummy!

QuintessentialShadowsOfDoom Mon 12-Oct-09 10:24:06

grin I love youghurth, but the thought of warm youghurt from a flask made me think anti-youghurt thoughts. Thanks for clarifying. Piuh. Now I can breathe.

TheChewyToffeeMum Mon 12-Oct-09 10:26:43

I have had this too - seemed more likely when I put in more milk powder. We ate it without any problems .

Ivykaty44 Mon 12-Oct-09 10:26:45

Thank you - can I know ask, do you keep a little of your own yogurst - and freez that so that you can stop buying yogurt.

next question - which or where or both do you get your live yogurt?

I was thinking of vanilla smile

mrsmeeps Mon 12-Oct-09 10:47:56

I read somewhere that you can't keep using your own yoghurt as a starter as the balance of bacteria may go awry, wheras bought yoghurt has been made by experts!

I buy my starter from tesco - healthy living bio yoghurt - it says that it contains live bio cultures and does the trick.

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