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very quick veggie / fish recipes

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happyloris Sun 11-Oct-09 19:42:08

Small baby means no time to cook, but I'd like a change from ready meals. I have one very easy favourite recipe - pasta with feta plus fried pine nuts, garlic and thyme. I'm looking for other recipes that feel like a proper meal but are only one step up from cheese on toast in time they take to make. Any suggestions?


BertieBotts Sun 11-Oct-09 21:28:15 This is nice - you can cook the fish in the microwave or do it in advance.

wholemeal pasta (more filling, nutritious), you can steep it in the morning, so it cooks in a few minutes later
pesto (vary from red to green)
cashew nuts

microwave rice
jar of pataks curry
quorn chunks

not the healthiest, but quick and filling

if you have time, batch cook a big pot of veg, and freeze in small portions
very handy to add nutrients to any quick meal

BertieBotts Sun 11-Oct-09 21:33:38

Also, Pasta, half a tin of tomatoes. Done. (Add herbs if you like, and/or chopped peppers, mushrooms, chopped veggie sausages, chillies, grated cheese, or cheat and use those tins of tomatoes which have other ingredients such as garlic)

these schnitzels are bizarrely tasty, pop into a bun and viola. They cook in about 4 minutes.

BertieBotts Sun 11-Oct-09 21:39:08

Also don't forget the humble baked potato - my absolute favourite lazy meal

some of those frozen/batch veg
soya sauce (pour some into a cup and add a chopped clove of garlic, leave for 2 min, pour over meal, with or without the cloves)

fishie Sun 11-Oct-09 21:40:52

with a small baby it is easier to have slow cook meals which don't need much prep. quick cook = hassly.

so any old pile of meat and veg will be lovely with some herbs and cooked for an afternoon.

spelt pizza base
tomato puree
ready grated cheese (so so handy)
top with a handful of the frozen/batch veg

these are very filling, much more so than regular pizza

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