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Dh killed them, I plucked them, they're in the oven right now...

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meltedmarsbars Sun 11-Oct-09 16:40:43

d'ya think the dc's will eat'em?

2 cockerels, young and a bit skinny, from the clutch of chicks dd1 had with her broody layer this spring. The agreement was that she could keep 2 of the pullets to lay.

And 2 of the cockerels only if we ate them.

Today is the day.

Am I cruel? Bloodthirsty? Feeling a bit that way now.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 11-Oct-09 16:46:28

Oh well done.

Don't know if your kids will eat them

WHen my uncle had some of their lambs slaughtered and returned as freezer packs 2 of my cousins turned vegetarian grin

StirlingNeedsAHoliday Sun 11-Oct-09 17:16:08

Well done - dont think I could have killed them though!

Good for dc to see where their food comes from.

You aren't married to Hugh F-W are you??

AnyFuleKno Sun 11-Oct-09 17:16:54

<sings> It's the circle....the circle of liiiiiiife </sings>

meltedmarsbars Sun 11-Oct-09 17:17:20

Nope, and I think dh got the nastier job. He did not enjoy it, city boy that he is!!

Morosky Sun 11-Oct-09 17:23:15

My dd would eat them, she keeps asking me when we can eat the phesant we have hanging at the moment.

LissyGlitter Sun 11-Oct-09 17:46:35

I really want to keep chickens (rented house though ) and it would be for food as well as eggs, precisely because I have children and I'm sick of people getting all shocked that meat comes from animals. Right thing to do. Well done.

SomeGuy Sun 11-Oct-09 17:49:45

how did you kill them? I learned to cut the throat, not sure if it's the best way though.

Morosky Sun 11-Oct-09 17:54:30

We have been looking into keeping chickens for eggs. When I told dd se said to me, " Great mum I love roast chicken" It did not even enter her head that we would keep them for anything but meat.

meltedmarsbars Sun 11-Oct-09 17:57:13

Lissy: we rent: we just asked the landlord, who said yes.

Someguy: after consulting my dad, I held them still, dh put his size 12 on the neck then thwacked them with the blunt side of a hammer. One of them took longer than the other [grimace emoticon]

StirlingNeedsAHoliday Sun 11-Oct-09 18:48:04

My friend has chickens - they are called Kiev, Korma and Tikka grin

NormaStanleyFletcher Mon 12-Oct-09 09:56:45

did the DCs eat the chickens then?

I remember plucking geese that had strangled themselves trying to get away from a fox. They belonged to friends who couldn't bear to eat their pets. I must have been about 9, and didn't give it a thought, though I had "known" the geese when they were alive.

WelliesAndPyjamas Mon 12-Oct-09 10:03:08

oh, I hate plucking more than killing, it's such a drag and all that fluff everywhere

another easy dispatch method is using a broom handle or plank - chicken neck under it faxcing down, foot on each side to hold it down with a quick twist of the neck at the same time. Easy, and you don't need two people to do it.

did the dc eat them?

meltedmarsbars Wed 14-Oct-09 09:53:37

They sure did eat them: roasted on Sunday then as risotto on Monday (feel a solomon grundy rhyme coming on grin.

Dd1 (the hen keeper) shed a little tear as she smelled the aroma of roasting bird. sad

Compost heap is full of feathers.

bronze Wed 14-Oct-09 09:56:10

Bet they tasted nice. Ours always taste better than any bought and I'm sure thats partly because of the reward after the slog (and smell)

Pumpkinbummum Wed 14-Oct-09 09:56:24

If they are anything like mine they will eat them and enjoy them all the more

we have already been to visit our christmas dinner twice this year, living on the farm next door, dcs love to see how big they are getting and guess which one will be oursgrin

meltedmarsbars Wed 14-Oct-09 10:04:33

My yearly lambs are arriving today! (Farm near Mums') - dead and skinned but I have to joint them!

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