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Who is the best Chinese cook / cookbook writer ever ever ever ever?

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MissAnnesley Mon 05-Oct-09 18:44:31

I was always very fond of Ken Hom and then I went off him a bit and discovered Kenneth Lo but he has been dead for a while now.

Any amazing Chinese cookbooks I should know about since the dark ages of the mid90s when I last explored things like thousand year old eggs and some chicken recipe where the chicken had to be put on a metal stand for 3 days hmm?

pipWereRabbit Mon 05-Oct-09 23:44:42

I like Nancy Lam, I think she cooks Indonesian food instead of Chinese though - so I don't know if that's what you are looking for.

MissAnnesley Tue 06-Oct-09 09:29:00

I'll investigate her on t'internet.

SCARYspicemonster Tue 06-Oct-09 09:35:34

Fuschia Dunlop comes very highly recommended - she is the only non-Chinese cook to ever to have been admitted to some famous Chinese cookery school.

Have just googled her and she has a blog here

MissAnnesley Wed 07-Oct-09 08:21:55

Mmmmmm I have just ordered Fuschia Dunlop's memoir! Looks good, all about her going to live in China & eating everything she comes across no matter how retch-making or weird it seems. (The ovarian fat of the snow frog... ?)

MissAnnesley Wed 07-Oct-09 08:22:37

Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper by FD

slng Wed 07-Oct-09 10:42:27

The ones I use all the time:

Yan Kit-so's Classic Food of China and
The food of China which looks like a useless coffee table book but has fantastic recipes.

timmette Wed 07-Oct-09 16:41:14

I have recently cooked a few recipies from this book and they were super easy and authentic

thighsmadeofcheddar Wed 07-Oct-09 16:51:40

Kylie Kwong - she's Australian. And her food is fantastic.

MiniMilk0610 Wed 07-Oct-09 18:26:24

I second Timmette's recommendation of Ching's Chinese Food in Minutes, I bought it quite recently but made quite a few recipes so far, griddled yellow bean pork being a fave in this house at mo

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