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Sage/purple sage

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fatsatsuma Mon 05-Oct-09 09:48:52

I want to use some sage leaves in a recipe. I do have a purple sage plant in the garden. Does anyone know if I can use leaves from that, rather than buy some? Thanks everyone.

overmydeadbody Mon 05-Oct-09 09:50:38

Oh god yes, don't buy any. The purple sage is the best kind.

fatsatsuma Mon 05-Oct-09 09:51:52

Thank you! Butternut squash soup here I come grin

overmydeadbody Mon 05-Oct-09 10:04:49

I might copy you! grin

Have been meaning to make butternut squash soup for ages.

It's nice if you garnish your soup with crispy sage leaves and garlic oil. Make it by heating some olive oil in a small pan until it is very hot, adding a handful of sliced sage leaves (not chopped, just sliced) and a clove of garlic and frying for about 30 seconds (basically until they are crispy but not burnt). then you put a spoonful of the leaves, garlic and oil on top of each bowl of soup. Lush.

fatsatsuma Mon 05-Oct-09 11:20:54

Mmmmm - sounds good.

Am v frustrated now, as was planning soup fest this morning, but plumber has arrived to fit new sink and kitchen is now no-go area.

Let me know how you get on with yours smile

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