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bottles at bedtime

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Starshine79 Sat 16-Jun-01 18:43:09

I've quite successfully managed to stop my 19 month old daughter having a bottle during the day, as she is quite happy to drink out of a beaker, but the only way i can get her off to sleep at night is with a large bottle of milk or ovaltine. Any suggestions of other ways i could get her to sleep, she very rarely has naps during the day!

Numbat Tue 19-Jun-01 09:15:46

Why is the bottle of milk a problem? One of my daughters persisted with a bedtime bottle of plain milk until she was about four (!) and I ended up seeing it as a good source of calcium. Her teeth are fine, and in the end she just gave it up of her own accord.

Bloss Tue 19-Jun-01 11:46:56

Message withdrawn

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