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Week of veggie ideas for meat eating family???

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plus3 Sat 03-Oct-09 18:29:17

On the idea of meateating being hideously expensive, is destroying the countryside and our own health, can anybody recommend a weeks worth of veggie dinner ideas to convince my little gang of carnivores that not having meat every night is such a bad idea!!!

janeite Sat 03-Oct-09 18:33:11

Baked potatoes with cheese and ratatouille;
veggie chilli and rice;
chick pea curry;
quorn fajitas;
lentil soup and good bread and cheese, followed by plum crumble and custard;
asparagus or pea risotto with honey roasted carrots or roasted vine tomatoes (can't stand tomatoes myself but the dds love these).

plus3 Sat 03-Oct-09 18:42:06

thanks janeite that all sounds lovely. Do you feel that you spend less on the food shop than carnivores??

janeite Sat 03-Oct-09 18:47:14

Yes, I think so. Although I do buy 'good' stuff rather than Value ranges etc, so not cheap-cheap.

Also - wracks brains to think what else we've eaten/will be eating lately:

- veggie lasagne is cheap
- sometimes we make hoummus, tsatziki etc and have with Greek salad and warmed pitta or flatbread - not a 'full meal' but v nice and not too expensive;
- pasta with homemade pesto - my current fave;
- sweet potato or butternut squash soup served with naan or chapati;
- qesadillas with salsa;
- roasted root vege with some spices, served with a minty, garlicky, yoghurty dip and salad.

BertieBotts Sat 03-Oct-09 18:48:33

Veggie shepherd's pie - make quick rattatouille - courgettes, mushrooms, onions, green and/or red pepper, celery, garlic, tinned tomatoes, veg stock cube/veg bouillon. It should not be watery so seive the tomatoes or simmer it down if it is. I recommend keeping some of the juice from the seived tomatoes in case it is too dry. Top with mashed potato and bake like a shepherd's pie.

Veggie chilli is good. Make it chunky and textured with chickpeas, butter beans, diced carrot, diced potato - any mix.

Farty Bean Stew - DCs love the name grin buy a pack of dried mixed beans, soak overnight, then make a stew with them and any root veg you can find, serve with fresh crusty bread.

May come back with more later but these are meals my carnivore DP eats and doesn't complain about the lack of meat!

trefusis Sat 03-Oct-09 18:55:28

Message withdrawn

plus3 Sat 03-Oct-09 18:57:22

Love the idea of farty bean stew grin !
DC not keen on beans, but maybe an overload will cure them!!

trefusis Sat 03-Oct-09 18:57:51

Message withdrawn

plus3 Sat 03-Oct-09 19:01:19

1 slight problem is that I'm on a gluten free diet, so would need to be able to substitute where possible. Also, we seem to have soup for lunch alot - don't know how well it would go down as supper!

janeite Sat 03-Oct-09 19:16:59

That's why you need the crumble too!

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