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My DS won't eat wet food?????

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meggymoo Wed 08-Jun-05 16:05:39

Message withdrawn

tarantula Wed 08-Jun-05 16:12:45

dd went through this too. I jsut ignored it and gave her her food as usual and eventually she got back into eating it. HAve you tried cooked carrot sticks? peas?

Sorry brains dead Ill try to think of a few more things

bran Wed 08-Jun-05 16:20:16

I just bought a really good cookbook called Finger Food by Jennie Maizels (spelling?) written by a mum who had just that problem with her daughter. I've only made 4 dishes, but ds liked them all as did dh who ate the extra fishcakes that I made for the freezer .

meggymoo Wed 08-Jun-05 16:20:29

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Wed 08-Jun-05 16:22:12

Message withdrawn

tarantula Wed 08-Jun-05 16:28:21

mmmmfishcakes sound good bran. Ive made chicken cakes with potato and chopped chicken diped in breadcrumbs and either fried or baked. I make really small ones so easy for dd to handle. Also small pieces of chicken on its own. Homemade Burgers? cubes of cheese? I also make a very dry bubble and squeak that dd can pick up in her hands. Sure lots of peope will come along later and give you loads more recipies too.

bran Wed 08-Jun-05 16:37:54

I have to admit the fishcakes were very yum, I made them with tuna and they also had potato, parsley and Dijon mustard in them. I might make some more at the weekend and make some adult sized ones too.

motherinferior Wed 08-Jun-05 16:59:16

Bran, I just nipped into this thread to say how very lovely it is to see you posting about your son and parenting. It genuinely brought a tear to my eye.

bran Wed 08-Jun-05 22:15:04

You won't see me all that frequently though MI as I can only post when he's asleep as he wants to be in charge of the keyboard if he gets near it.

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